Who We Are

Primetime Limited is a communications consultancy with the expertise and track record in planning and implementing advertising campaigns, direct community contact and multimedia productions. The company was incorporated in June 1992, and commenced business as a fully-fledged Advertising Agency in January 1993. It is a Platinum Member of the Advertising Association of Ghana. As a wholly Ghanaian-owned company, Primetime is one of the few major Advertising Agencies in Ghana that are not affiliated to any International Agency. This way, we are able to develop our own advertising concepts and messages that reflect local values, traditions and good practices. We are thus able to help unearth and develop local talent in and for the industry.

Primetime is the proud winner of several awards and industry/peer recognition.  Of these, we proudly note the 2006 Gong-Gong Awards, Gold award for TV (Financial Sector), for our highly successful campaign for the Re-denomination of the cedi dubbed “The Value Is The Same.” We also won the AAG Gong-Gong Silver Award for Radio (2004) for our effective campaign encouraging the use of weighing scales, as part of a Ministry Of Food and Agriculture project. In 2003, Primetime won the AAG Gong-Gong Silver Award for TV, in recognition of the well-executed campaign aimed at encouraging the use of Mectizan to fight onchocerciasis.

Business Philosophy

We believe in quality and strive toward achieving it.

We think out new and cost-effective ways of bringing Clients closer to their targets.

We seek to build a company that has a human face, and where everyone is part of a Family.

We believe in the power of advertising to build competitive and sustainable advantages for our Clients’ brands.

We strive to achieve and maintain high professional standards, and ensure increase in business and profit for continued existence.

We believe in investing in people, so we offer opportunities to our staff to upgrade their knowledge and skills; and provide training to them, sponsoring them to take courses, both academic and professional.

Our Mission

To provide a more exciting and cost effective way of reaching target audiences while exhibiting a high level of
professionalism and taking care to meet the strictest deadline as a matter of course.

Our Scope Of Work

Direct Community Contact

DCC is our platform for carrying out Experiential Social Marketing to bring information to people at the community level. DCC is multi-faceted, employing different strategies such as Mobile Cinema, Activations, Focus Group Discussions (FDGs), Drama etc. to bring communication to segmented publics.

Multimedia Productions ( TV & Radio)

Primetime has blazed a path in independent multimedia programme production, creating and producing a number of programmes over the years, especially in support of the educational system in the country. Notable among them is The National Science & Maths Quiz, for Senior High Schools, which has been running for 20 years on GTV.

Market Activations (Experiential Social Marketing)

Brand Advertising ( PR )

On brand advertising, our store of success and winning stories abound. We gladly note the social nature of most of these assignments, a factor which we are convinced puts us in a good stead to manage any task.

Market Research

We routinely conduct baseline research for the communication campaigns we undertake. In fact, in putting together campaign proposals, such as those we put together for the rebranding of GOIL (we were in the top six selected for presentation) and for NHIS (we were in the top three, but project never took place), we conducted baseline research in order to be better able to place the campaign in context and to understand the needs of our clients, as well as all the other stakeholders.

Advertising Campaign/Marketing Communication Planning, Development, and Execution.

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