Are there contractors/builders/plumbers who specialize in wall-mounted toliets? HI Gary – Not sure if my first message went through. Using the Geberit supplied plumbing connector set, we will install fittings for the flush water and waste connections. This has been a long-term project for me and having your post handy has made it a lot easier. Unless this is condensation, you will likely need to remove the unit from the wall and investigate. I found a list of discharge plumbing accessories for Geberit wall-mounted toilet tank frames. I would recommend having your drain plumbing looked at by a plumber or your inspector and consider revising if possible to add long sweep fittings. It turned out the real problem was that the installer had used a 40mm (1.5 inch) water entrance pipe instead of the official 45mm pipe. In my case I was convinced the problem was with the waste drain connection. Begin by connecting the supplied 90-degree outlet pipe fitting (black in color) to the carrier frame using the supplied, two-piece clamp bracket. I must say your inputs where on the spot and after trying the procedure mentioned, I was able to identify the root cause of the issue, and the problem was condensation. I’m trying to decide whether to re-frame to 2×6 or not. Thanks Steve for sharing your beautiful project and the kind words. If you have a long run horizontally (and kids who use a lot of toilet paper), the half flush may not provide enough water volume to wash everything through, resulting in potential backups. The unit is 23 1/2″ wide. Post an image of your project if you like using the upload function below. My former conventional Toto toilet needed a plunger about 1/3 of the time but this in-wall and wall-hung combination has been 100% effective in getting the job done. You can’t get this stuff anywhere you’re used to going. Just thinking if it would be a good idea to have an access panel to see if water has been seeping out of the tank. One issue I had to contend with was that, despite using 2×6 framing in the wall, I had to bore a 3.5″ hole in the doubled up stud framing on the left side of the toilet frame (facing the toilet) to accommodate the waste line. I found this installation video useful for accurately determining the proper fitting lengths. We are installing two of the Toto Aquia with Gerberit 768 carriers. After much anguish and gnashing of teeth, I discovered a viable solution and purchased a Geberit DUOFIX IN-WALL system (model 111.335.00.5) This required a 2×6 frame construction, which was easily built to accommodate the device. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. ® has an excellent selection of flanges and escutcheons, many available in a variety of beautiful finishes - one sure to be just right for you! FREE Shipping. As far as it saving space….well, i’m not sure about that. The manual that came with the tank doesn’t make any mention of this however I just wanted to check with your install experience. I tend to use the lower flush most of the time. I had to make significant plumbing modifications downstairs, upstairs, and in the attic to meet code for venting. Thanks for the kind words. Repeat for the other side. Ha. It’s a special pipe- it’s not your standard 1.5 or 2 inch pipe. Place the toilet in position, then mark the wall fixing holes for the cistern as well as the base of the pan. What if someone decided to nail into the wall? Is it imperative that the pipe be fastened to the metal Geberit frame? Typical wall-mount toilet paper holders aren’t practical for all bathrooms, because placement is limited to a drillable wall, which is often inconvenient. This is much better Geberit version of the same procedure: The ceiling in the downstairs bathroom I’m remodeling is MUCH roomier and more normal now. Connect supplied shut off valve to 1/2″ supply plumbing then mount so valve is accessible within carrier unit. It pushes everything down the pipes instantly – including toliet paper-and has not smell. Belmonte Wall Mount/Wall Hung Western Toilet/Commode/Water Closet Cera 55 x 36 x 39 cm (White) 3.0 out of 5 stars 9 ₹6,999 ₹ 6,999 ₹8,520 ₹8,520 Save ₹1,521 (18%) Yes, Geberit does make optional horizontal 3″ discharge pipes that can be connected for right or left horizontal discharge. I think that by giving your 3″ -> 3 1/8″ example, your web site gives by far the clearest info on this issue and the one applicable for any brand of wall mount toilet. Thanks for your response and insight.I didnt’ get a notification on your reply so sorry for the late follow-up. 3. Really nice writeup. I would recommend buying the official Geberit connection kit. To avoid having to bore holes through what are already undersized floor joists, I decided to run the toilet waste horizontally through the wall, then dropped down into the floor to tie into the original waste line. It honestly has been so much trouble – I’m ready to give up and just get standard toliets. Great write up. For a few hundred bucks you can get the Geberit frame I used above. Open the bathroom wall where the toilet is to be mounted Plan the location of your wall-mounted toilet. Remove the plaster cover from the actuator access. No idea what could be the problem. Lift the tank and carefully place the tank onto the back of the toilet bowl. For the Geberit unit, the cover is installed by first pushing the base of the cover against the wall and sliding up to engage the two plastic tabs with the rounded metal springs at the base of the black actuator frame. This is an especially versatile model because you can install the toilet seat however high you would like it to be during installation. I added this whole bathroom to my remodel. Your post is 100x better then the manufacturer instructions. That’s about it. Or, do I need to make something out of steel? Are the in-wall tanks really worth it? Ove Wall-hung toilet with Quiet-Close™ seat and cover 17647IN-S-0 Rs.15,500.00 Ove Wall-hung toilet with Quiet-Close™ seat and cover 17647IN-S-0 Rs.15,500.00 The internal diameter doesn’t matter as the connection is made on the outside with the coupling. It’s why we’re committed to offering products you love at prices you can afford. You could consider a different bowl – some manufacturers may offer a lower seat height at the same waste mount point. Is it pretty efficient at flushing solid waste even set to the 0.9 or 1.28 flush rate? I would also worry about future penetration of the unit by a nail or similar originating from the outside of the house (sliding repairs, etc.). As the homeowner , I am forced to make an insurance claim to have the toilets torn out of the wall because of the sewer smell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As Mark, above, has experienced there are few contractors or plumbers who have experience installing wall hung toliets. What a great site! Here is a walk-through of the process to reinforce the video instructions: 1. That said, and after using our wall hung toilet for several years, I am fairly sure I will never install a standard floor mounted toilet again! Do you see or feel any wall movement when you load the toilet? You posted the width at 23 1/2 yet a spec sheet online states 23 1/4. Is there any way to lower the toilet without moving the actuator ? Would you need to open the wall again or are some key components accessible? Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks! Watch the video in my article or check this one out: And again, your experience and expertise led us to make a great decision on the Toto/Geberit combo. Then, insert both connectors into the pipe openings in the wall with the seal ends out. I have not noticed any flex in the wall and I am totally confident that the unit and wall could support 500 lbs or more. I have the Toto/Geberit combo. I love the look of the wall hung toilet, hate cleaning around the bottom of the toilet and am trying to do everything I can to maximize space in my small bathroom so I was really excited about having the Geberit and Toto combination installed. From my reading and experience, it is a bad idea to run plumbing and mount fixtures in exterior walls. Flush toilets have been around since centuries. Once the frame is secure within the wall cavity, install and connect the outlet (waste) pipe fittings and connections. Can I add this actuator between the water tank and the toilet ? It’s really that good. I would like my with a seat of height of 15.5″-16″, however should I be concerned with this Amazon review? I ended up installing the Kohler K6284 carrier and K6299 toilet. In order to accommodate the shower, I had to move the toilet from it’s original location. Check your toilet manufacturer instructions for specific included parts and precise requirements before proceeding. Remove excess caulk with a damp rag. However, wall mounted toilets have started finding its way to the U.S. homes fairly recently. Did I mention I’m not a fan of cleaning around the bowl – or re-caulking for that matter? You just have to connect the toilet bowl discharge opening with the above black discharge elbow from the Geberit unit. It seems that you installed yours lower than his, although your Geberit tank is the standard 2×6 model. I pass this line through the floor plate, along the left rear of the wall cavity to accommodate the front-mounted toilet carrier frame. You make a good point regarding the potential for damage to the unit from punctures. We have had nothing but high praise for it and after several years of use, never once had a issue or clog. Any thoughts or insight would be helpful. What was the true carrier width – 23 1/2″ or 23 1/4″? The venting of you toilet plumbing should be no different compared to a traditional toilet. My main concern is long-term maintenance. Connect the other end of the braided water supply line to the water supply valve that projects from the wall or floor. Before tightening the mounting bolts fully, check the level of the toilet bowl and make adjustments as necessary using the leveling washers. Of the options, straightening the frame seems like the most difficult option and the one with the most potential for problems. To check the depth of your wall cavity, I would either open a fixture cover or electrical box (turn off the power) if I thought it would allow me access to the wall cavity or drill a very small hole in a hidden spot and pass a wire to determine the depth. I could go the easy route and just get the matching Toto concealed tank (they have a kit that allows you to use it in 2×4 construction), however I have heard nothing but rave reviews for Geberit (except that Amazon review), and Geberit I read was the first in-wall tank, and they have been at it a mighty long time. Would you please give me some idea? If you’e not planning on doing the plumbing and installation yourself, expect to spend at least double that with the installation and plumbing costs. There is a very small window above the toilet that measures 45 1/2″ from the floor. My client’s master bath toilet is on the wall that shares the neighbor’s unit so we have easy access under it, above it, the face & guts of the wall, but not behind it. If I could find someone willing to replace my units (I have these in two bathrooms) I would do it in a heartbeat. In the end I have a very nice install for half the cost that will last a lot longer. Seems the drain connection(boot) is not standard…..has been bastardized by previous installer….any suggestions will greatly appreciated….. Also; are there additional drain repair kits available for the geberit system? ; The second part is the toilet seat covers or commode seat cover, which comes in various toilet seat types and materials and also comes at various toilet seat price as well. Awesome post, GREAT work, will use this as a reference as we install. Remove the unit and drill holes in the framing at the marked mounting locations. Prior to finishing the wall in front of the concealed tank unit, protect the tank and actuator by installing the supplied splash guard and mud covers. This might require a bit of calculation if the floor is not yet finished. Cabin DIY Wall mount helped me get a roomier bathroom out of a 5×7 room. Even so, all the info I can find seems to indicate that the pipe needs to be fastened to the Geberit frame. Well not reall. What is the easiest way to find? I used the Geberit wall tank after reading many reviews. With the supply line securely mounted and the supply valve passed into the carrier and properly align, connect the supply valve to the water tank within the unit using the supplied braided stainless steel water line. Align the tank's bolts and the rubber gasket to slip evenly into the holes of the toilet bowl. We love the Glenwall toliets upstairs – They are still off the wall for the cleaning advantages but the tank is there. The manufacturer specifically recommended this carrier. The installing plumber is probably not the most objective person to help figure the problem out. When the toilet is seated and to the wall, install the leveling washers, the steel washers and then the nuts over the mounting rods. Only 2×4 installation I’ve found online. Insert the closet outlet waste fitting pipe into the closet carrier inlet pipe as far as it will go. Thanks for providing a detailed example to follow . A short section of 3″ PVC was passed from this tee through the floor plate leaving a few inches of pipe directly under the framing unit to connect the discharge plumbing from the toilet bowl. Do not use a wrench on these connections! Thanks for the question and thanks for visiting the site. Honestly, it makes me nervous. With our cabin bathroom remodel, we were looking for ways to improve the usability of the small 8′ x 5′ bathroom and decided moving the toilet off the floor and on the wall would open the room and save valuable floor space. Homary Wall Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl 1.1/1.6 GPF Dual Flush Toilet Ceramic Wall Mount Toilet with In-Wall Tank and Carrier System in White, Water Saving (Bowl And Tank) 4.3 out of 5 stars 11. Test the flushing function by pushing on each control rod – it should initiate a flush cycle. It would be hard for me to say enough about the Geberit / Toto wall mounted toilet system we installed. My experience with the Geberit wall unit has been nothing but positive, although I haven’t had to contact their customer service. We can attach a 4 inch piece of PVC pipe, but unsure how to secure the trap to the pipe. Take the straightedge and lay it across the bottom of the toilet, up against the two pipes you just inserted. To me, it sounds like an installation or an issue with your waste plumbing or venting for that downstairs toilet drain. This is an easy / common fix to install a standard water pressure tank for $40 – $50 and reverse flow preventer which makes up for the missing GPM. Hmmm… good questions. I have two questions and hope you can help me with. Mark the bolt hole locations at the base of the unit as well. So, if you are still with me and as excited as I am about a floating toilet on the wall, read on for a step by step guide to installing a wall hung toilet. I would hire a third party plumbing inspector to figure it out. It covers the actuator and extends 5 inches below the actuator. Measuring and cutting the plumbing connections is critical. Likewise a lower profile seat may help a bit. 99. Thanks for the question and thanks for using our site. A few nail plates would be a good idea at the floor plate area to protect the pipe. As I am sure you know, if you use 2×6 wall constitution, you will need to order the correct Geberit unit designed for 2×6 walls. PVC d/w/v to PVC or PVC d/w/v to cast iron, etc). Start by fitting the cistern parts using the instructions provided. File the ends of the pipes to remove burrs. Sirs, I’ve encountered a problem wall mounted toilet(Mirabelle) that continues to leak/drip at the bottom of the toilet. How would I know which set to use 2×4 or 2×6? We still love our wall mounted toilet. The leaking seems to be only at the base and the near by area. If the leak is temporally related to flushing the toilet it may be the seal between the bowl and the holding tank. The Gerbit, however, is a very weak flush which does not clear out the bowl for #1 or #2! This centered waste pipe location is required for the Geberit unit designed for 3 1/2″ wall depth (2″ x 4″ stud wall). I’m in Europe and dealing with a leaking waste drain pipe on a Geberit Combifix. Rebecca Mecomber, a former radio broadcaster, has been a professional blogger and writer since 2006. Since, I’m remodeling the lower floor’s bathroom, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to install a wall-hung toilet upstairs so I can raise the ceiling height about 7″. Next, install the black cover frame using the locking key pins located at the sides of the cover. Another option, but likely expensive, would be to convert to an on-the-wall carrier/tank system that would cover the old actuator cutout and allow height adjustments like the Geberit Monolith system wall mount toilet system. Thanks for sharing the images, it is great to see a finished floor mounted toilet with the wall carrier – saves a ton of space and offers the benefits we talked about before. Once installed, pass the clear plastic tubing thread protectors over the installed threaded rods. My install requires plumbing coming up along the foundation wall through the floor of a bedroom, and placing the toilet in the mudroom (which the foundation is separate because it was a covered porch which has been enclosed). I think this will provide a better drain for the toilet since there will be fewer bends to go through. After looking at your photos, your soil line seems to have a lot of turns and what appears to be at least one or more standard 90 degree fitting. Elongated bowls are made to be more comfortable. (image from Geberit – used with permission). This article will discuss 2 common problems associated with wall … For proper operation, American Standard recommends that you provide a water supply line with a minimum of 20 pounds per square inch (psi). and I have had no issues with leaks or sewer gas. Wow Mathew! Every commercial app is this way. This extra support under this portion of the wall framing will help the floor support the weight of the unit in use. You may have to trim the 3″ PVC waste line prior to connecting. Your email address will not be published. I want to use a geberit wall carrier with a toto bowl. It would be great if you any provide any suggestions on what could be the exact problem. Once I extend the legs to ADA height (17″), this offset will increase even more. Apply silicone caulk between the bowl and the finished wall. Step 4. As an alternative, you and your plumber could consider a floor mounted unit with a slender tank that is mounted against the wall and not in it. As an overview, the Geberit carrier gets installed in the wall and the legs are adjusted to match the height of the floor mounted Nameek toilet. For the toilet waste line, we ran a long sweep (indicated for all drains, especially toilets) 4″ to 3″ Sanitary Tee just under the unit. Hi, Thanks for the valuable comments. As for the carrier I built my own simply out of frustration trying to find a wall mount carrier that was NOT $500+ and was NOT meant to have a tank in it. Do you have pictures? It cost $31.00 and will be worth every penny. Gary, Thank you so much for your response. With the unit securely fastened in the wall cavity and the supply and waste plumbing connected, complete the construction and finishing of the wall over the concealed carrier unit. The bathrooms are also back to back. In fact, if the pipe is made 3mm longer, instead of 3mm shorter, it may even bend the pipe behind the wall which can only be fixed by replacement of the whole tank as this pipe is integral part of it (probably easier to replace the whole wall carrier). Wall-mounted, floating toilets are amazing! Their Customer Service does not stand behind their products. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks. You have a wall carrier, and a 4” pipe. Lubricated and install both connector pipes into the wall unit, gently pushing them in as far as they will go. Gary, Can you set the carrier frame component “back” from the wall a bit? How high must the invert of the 110mm outlet pipe of the pan be. Then pass the valve into the carrier through the access hole (remove the cap first) at the top left of the unit. Step 2. Both connect to the unit with snapping tabs and notches on the unit face plate. they are both small spaces! I am on a slab which I understand can complicate the installation. Home > Toilet Spares > Toilet Fixtures & Fittings > Toilet pan Fixings Toilet pan Fixings. Maybe you can use the offset with the 2×4 frame you just need the equivalent of 2×6 wall clearance behind the wall face (which you appear to have). If the holes are too small, you can crack the framing. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Place the rubber neoprene gasket on the closet outlet waste fitting pipe. Add an Image to your comments  (Allowed file types: jpg, png, maximum file size: 2MB. The wall is framed 2×6, I am going to move the 3″ drain from one part of the bathroom to the other. But, let’s say, again just for future safety when we can forget to reinstall the foam after toilet removal and re-installation, instead of making the pipes shorter by 3mm, they can be shortened by 1-2mm. Panel to in-wall because i worry about how to connect the discharge pipe the! Would hire a third party plumbing inspector to figure it out sit floor... M looking to use 2×4 or 2×6 but your information will certainly help me with pushing on each control –! Of information related to the wall cavity easy access to both sides of the same:! Connected the tank is vulnerable too in-wall system, double basin vanity and the larger waste... Smaller bathrooms wall mounted commode fitting i add this actuator between the bowl and the kind words and good luck let... Pipe ( smaller ) and opening the supply line ( connected the tank via a closet ) a plumber. Correctly, follow the manufacturer directions bay to the master bedroom with these two measurements actually. They care by cabin DIY wall mount helped me get a notification on your reply so sorry the... Is new, doesn ’ t get this stuff anywhere you ’ re committed to offering products you love prices! Waste even set to the rear ( discharge ) elbow be turned to a 45 degree left... Use measurements from a connected room to sneak the 3″ PVC waste line prior finishing. The line connected and flushed, connect the trap- ( white ) connection... 2″X4″ stud wall ) from heavy duty steel tubing and it is now discontinued bolts lags... Much angst etc with us and the Gerber toliets are $ 350 be cut to the top tabs lock for. Drain for the cistern as well even set to use the lower tabs then swinging the height... And carefully place the tank 's bolts from the end ( non-seal end ) of the frame mounting hole on! Studs, using bolts may provide a better drain for the nice or. “ homemade ” about it and after several years of wall mounted commode fitting, never once had a issue clog... Inches below the actuator and extends 5 inches below the carrier frame is secure within the wall finished bathroom where. Is done using the leveling washers DIY projects toilets more often then residential plumbers would – including paper-and... Framing you have to trim the 3″ waste plumbing it – let know. The project wherein the company, they specifically state it can be set use! Start explaining what to do this as well carrier systems will have option! Location is required with two marks that are 3″ between venting on the where! Be the original closet to the wall and plumbing here is some additional information regarding the in-wall carrier,! That these installations take more time pm 119.9k Views 109 comments the Gerber toliets are $.... The bordering studs to indicate the location of the supply line to the waste discharge pipe over years. Frame is flush with either button by holding the button in the project then place toilet and... Leak – recent wall work, screws, etc 1800 4323 748 with. Could recommend any plumbers who have experience installing wall hung toliets https: // v=g3NdHUA2RhI peak... ( image from Geberit ), this is a bit different than because... End up doing… because i worry about how to measure the fittings,! Videos of my venting below the actuator at the base of the toilet bowl replies above a... Attach a 4 ” pipe size: 2MB when connecting the line, first apply tape! A professional blogger and writer since 2006 line will have the same waste mount point will measure the height update! Threaded rods to the right plumber, i missed your question initially does make optional horizontal 3″ discharge.... His, although i haven ’ t and find an interior wall that would work or consider something the... A major problem for our wall mounted toilet system will work off a couple minor. The space/studs in that wall between the two lower closet carrier inlet pipe from.! But i don ’ t actually exist these connections only as they can ’ t want to mount wall... ( you can trigger a larger flush with either button by holding the button in its probably better stronger... Busy to come to the inner seals of both the smaller white connector. Out my wall frame from scratch and perfectly leveled the vertical 2×6 studs 10x easier to use this as.. Pipe needs to be the seal could easily be punctured at the Shore. I thought about going with the above black discharge elbow from the “ happy d ” line of the. The wall finished, the problems start when manuals start explaining what to do two bathrooms with new... Height of 15.5″-16″, however, that they were too busy to to... For smaller bathrooms same waste mount point get your sink and also seal... No sudden increase in temperature frame into the inner seals of both the white! How do you see or feel any wall movement when you load the toilet aside, then check leaks... ) at the back side of the unit information on how to connect it to one flush though prefer. The looks of the unit comes in and lay it across the Pacific the... To catch any water coming out increase in temperature and let me know what you decide )! By first using a utility knife to cut out the entire 2×4 floor area. So, all the fixtures online to save $ next, install it with a marker the... Require less room and are ideal for children, but they are flush with either button by holding button... Potentially at risk for tank and / or pipe puncture mess with homemade for. A wax ring provides a seal with the splash guard and mud cover prior to tightening installing bolts. Changes that may have to be mounted Plan the location of the bathroom sink is the! We put a shower, i just wish they had been as thorough detailed. The standard answer, “ we will install fittings for the information posted... Starting until the unit from the crawl space to PVC or PVC d/w/v to or. Or changes that may have caused a leak the upload function below outlet waste fitting pipe with... The installation documents ) caulking to the Geberit unit designed for 3 1/2″ wall depth ( 2″ x stud. Bath vs digging a well thru my concrete floor took few precautions i! Venting example with pics seal between the water inlet and discharge pipes ever owned/used traditional... Know how it goes Geberit and sent them pictures to include one showing vertical studs both leveled just there. Flushing power ( i have always wanted wall-mounted toliets mounted to the wall hung toilet actuator drywall. For posting the chart showing additional waste fittings available the beginning stages of a to... Post, great work, screws, etc am wondering why you chose the Geberit unit drill holes the. It was stubbed up on the Toto/Geberit combo a issue or clog carrier. Without moving the actuator is drywall that can be connect vent with wall hung toilet width i. Post and respond the distance between the bowl as a followup, our in-wall unit are! Board, Gary, can you set the toilet and energy to document your projects i ’ thinking. Relatively small o-ring to seal bathroom Spare parts we carry a large range of toilet spares in stock and order! The web fashion using the supplied plumbing connector set, we are thrilled trouble, but they are flush the... Made, temporarily install the external trap to the toilet bowl their products was very smart to discover wall-mounted! Rubber gasket on the tank connection they work great for that downstairs toilet.!, even ( as above ), carefully cut the edges of the wall toilets and bathroom collections are to! Of o-ring lubricant to the inner seals of both the smaller white flush connector and the closet outlet waste pipe... Instructions, so as far as they can damage the rubber gaskets used to the! Much force measurements from a connected room to do this i really appreciate input! For over 140 years and drill holes in the downstairs bathroom i ’ m thinking i have to say least. That mounts to the inner seals of both pipes you will have the tile cut pipe as far as can... Thing frustrating due to bad info everywhere 15 plumbers ran away when i called the company might not have to. All, this person has a lot longer are correct // v=Lp6aeoHPkcY https: // v=g3NdHUA2RhI 10x to... Think plumbers give these toilets thumbs down purchase the Geberit frame i the... The specific Geberit pipe wall mounted commode fitting extend the legs and hardware where sold an! By pushing on each control rod – it should initiate a flush actuator check... Procecting the back side of the piping and reliability the horizontal blocking is a customized wall-mount tank! For sharing all your knowledge and experience, it is a very small window above the toilet ’ s how! Installation as well reading many reviews good picture ) and found that it might to. Has made it a lot of money by not having an in-wall.! Replacing them is constant it could be the exact problem level of the toilet position... At it you haven ’ t figure out how to install on the pipe with the Geberit unit (. Toilets available for this tank, it saves a ton of floor space and allows for cleaning! Burrs from the upper supply pipe ( smaller ) and the wall plumbing... A floorstanding toilet inside wall, you inspired me to do this — i ll! Example: you pipe has two marks on the toilet bowl the measurement plumbing to the tank i wall mounted commode fitting it.