Even if we removed the austere concrete slab, the patio door threshold was barely above grade. They are called sleepers because they rest on the concrete. I'd like to build the deck on top of this concrete patio and also extend out the deck by a 1m or 2 over the concrete … See more ideas about deck over concrete, deck over, backyard. Cut PVC trim boards to wrap around stoop using circular saw. For every four seasons, your new deck will be an asset for you and your family. Oct 7, 2017 - Explore My Info's board "Deck over concrete" on Pinterest. With Advantage Deck Tiles™ you can give your outdoor living space a new look in just under a day at a fraction of the cost of building a new deck. Watch this video to see how easy it is to install our deck tiles over an old concrete patio: Here are a few key … In general, a deck footing is usually used if it is going to be higher than your waist or … Instead of removing those concrete front steps, save some time by building a wood deck over and around them. I’ll divide this post into (at least) two sections (maybe a third for decorating and aesthetics): Building the patio cover, and building the deck. A concrete stoop with steps can be a formidable obstacle when trying to build a deck. The 8m model is the default measuring tool and should feature a blade that’s 25mm wide (not 18mm). If you don’t want to design your own deck, you can get a Licensed Building Practitioner or an … Deck-Building Tools 8m and 25m tape measures: Handle every measuring need. 3 Tips for Building a Deck on Concrete . Check this out: My uncle kept bugging me about building a deck in his backyard. If your concrete slab is somewhat elevated, you can add a lower level using joists and bearers and use this as a step that also fills in the sides of the slab. Other reasons for building your deck over a concrete footing include the drainage of water under the deck, as well as keeping the timber away from the ground, stabilizing the construction and keeping the air flowing under the deck. If your concrete slab is in total disrepair with cracks, crumbling, or persistent sinking in one or more areas, you may have to completely remove it before building your composite deck. If you follow the white trim board at the bottom, … I built the patio cover first because I wanted to be sure that it was secured directly to the concrete pad, rather than resting on the deck. If you need any assistance and handy tips that comes from more than 30 years of deck building experience, give us a call. The added 5" makes building a wood deck possible - if you do it right along with a little bit of additional work. Over the 70 years since the concrete porch was poured, the porch has moved and sunk a bit on the left side (towards the front door) and is no longer level. The friendly staff at Softwoods are only too happy to help. Steps: 1. Cramming those 48 hours into a weekend takes two things: money & plans. 2m wide and runs the width of the house. Advertisement A well designed front porch or deck is an inviting feature on most homes. Color-matched deck screws are available for most colors of composite decking. Feb 13, 2020 - Explore Trish McCord's board "Deck over concrete", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. Step 2: Install a Sleeper System. Before you begin. to determine your deck height keep the … Installing Deck Flooring on a Cement Patio. You could use deck blocks, traditional concrete footings, or the Titan Deck Foot … The deck design is the first step you build – where to get a deck plan? You sure can. This is a very common request. Here are a few key … But what does one need to take into account when planning this type of cover-up? Installing Decking Over Concrete Installing decking over concrete will raise the level of the floor up to 75mm, so make sure you can do this before you go out and buy decking supplies. 3 Tips for Building a Deck Over Concrete . From the guy who built a huge deck, singlehandedly, partly over existing concrete and partly over a new raised extension… You can probably leave the slab in place but you might want to drill it full of drain holes. These decks are often referred to as “floating,” as they are not secured in place as a stand-alone structure. Most of the time you will need to break the concrete apart using a sledge hammer or jack hammer and haul the debris away. They are merely “placed” on top of another structure. Building a deck on sloped groundlearning center building a deck on sloped groundlearning center deck and cover view along the way building a raised deck over concrete patio you raised concrete decking patio how to build a deck over rbotsinfo building a floating deck over concrete slab backyard patio. The thought of having to rip up existing surfaces in order to even start building has killed many deck projects over the years. My husband Harrison and I have wanted to change out our patio floor since the day we bought the house. ... i have a similar deck to build over a peeblecrete slab, (deck … There are three common foundations if you choose to build a wooden deck. And of course, please review all local building codes prior to beginning your project. If you're applying the deck directly over a concrete surface, use the bricks and temporary support beams to lift any sagging portions of the frame. Watch this video from This Old House to learn how to put a deck over a concrete step. It was completed over weeks. But what does one need to take into account when planning this type of cover-up? This allows you to remove and/or replace deck boards (any decking material can be damaged), or if access under the deck becomes necessary. If you're constructing a raised deck, adjust the frame's height and evenness using temporary support beams. Once you have the frame fixed with those brackets there is no need to leave the wedges in. 4. Apply foam adhesive to back of trim. Cut PVC trim boards to wrap around stoop using circular saw. The sleeper system is a substructure of joists that sits between a solid surface (such as concrete), and the deck … First, you must make sure the roof is strong enough to support 55 lbs … In fact, not only can you build a deck over a concrete patio, doing so provides a moisture barrier. A massive concrete stoop will be difficult to remove. I’d been reading and researching a lot on this part, and I found my answer on Family Handyman. In order to create a small section over the concrete patio, I would have to screw wood “sleepers” into the concrete. Building A Deck Over Concrete Patio – A deck will increase the attractiveness and comfort of your home. Building Deck over existing concrete patio and extending When you step out through the back slider doors there is a concrete patio which is approx. In recent years, it’s become more and more common for homeowners to reconsider their concrete patios for something more attractive and easier to maintain: a floating composite deck. Building a deck over a flat roof is very similar to building a deck over a concrete patio. I tried to explain to my uncle that he didn’t have enough elevation at the door to build a deck over his patio. I put off what I thought was going to be the hardest part until the end. The condition of the concrete may also have an effect on the completed project. But first let’s discuss each of the possible building options. It is super easy and simple to install, can add significant value to your home and better still it can integrate easily with either composite decking, tiles or turf. looks like you have enough distance between top of concrete and the bottom of your door to just frame over that slab with notched joists. Counterbore holes in PVC trim with ½-inch-diameter spade bit. You would then cover the sleepers with either deck boards or a high quality exterior plywood. Ripping up concrete and building a deck seemed like a daunting and expensive task, so when we saw NewTechWood Deck-A-Floor, we thought it would be absolutely perfect … if the slab is 8" thick it may even hold some of the weight of the deck though you want to add footings and not rely to much on the slab. One is to place "sleepers" (or treated joists) over the concrete slabs (adjust the heights to account for the differences in the slabs to make them equal in height). Can I build a deck over concrete patio? Check with your local building department to determine your local code requirements when building a ground-level deck. It wasn’t done in a weekend. Rent a 2-4 inch concrete drill and have at it. Building a deck in less than 48 hours takes… patience. Try to hit all the low areas you know collect puddles in the rain. Merbau decking over concrete slab September 2019 Hi Everyone ... Drainage would be helped by having the frame off the ground and it also helps stop junk building up against the frame. 2. You’ll need to start with a detailed plan of your deck, designed to comply with the NZS3604 Building Code. Lay the deck frame over the uneven concrete surface. If the concrete surface shows evidence of subsidence, it may … How to build an elevated deck on uneven ground diy building a decks backyard decking sub floor over concrete paving you laying wood wavy slab fine homebuilding pin by paula king outdoor inspiration floating structural tiles for surfaces maybe would be option the grass in pi patio 3 tips trex view topic can u existing … Continue reading Building A Deck Over An Uneven Concrete Patio But since I’m super frugal and I started this project just to make our daily outside time more bearable, it started small and kept going from … Outdure’s deck framing system is perfect for improving any outdoor patio area and especially when wanting to build a deck over concrete. If your deck calls for concrete piers or footings set in the ground, call 811 before you dig. Some builders choose to build over the stoop instead. See more ideas about Building a deck, Deck over concrete, Decks and porches. Mason’s string and line level: Allow leveling over long distances, such as the span of one end of the deck to the other. 3. Just make sure that any low spots where the concrete has settled have stopped sinking before you start a new project on the same area. In fact, the background is just an extension of your home. Yes. See our How to Design a Deck Easy As guide & video, this will take you through the process step by step.. Building a deck over a concrete patio. That’s right—the concrete can act as a barrier between the soil and your wooden deck to prevent excess moisture exposure. In recent years, it’s become more and more common for homeowners to reconsider their concrete patios for something more attractive and easier to maintain: a floating composite deck. In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to deck over a concrete stoop. Steps: 1. Ground-level decks also do not include the use of a ledger board in their design.