If you bought an item on eBay as a guest, you’re still covered if something goes wrong. In the article you write, “If the tracking details show that the item has been in transit without movement for more than 7 days (10 for international shipments), refund the buyer the full sale amount including the shipping cost.” I’m not sure when to see the estimated delivery date, but I believe it was June 26. Hi All, We seem to be recently getting an unusually high number of reports from buyers that their items are not received. Hey so I order an stamp from eBay by mail and seller says it doesn’t have a tracking number and I contacted and when in person at the usps and they said they can’t do anything. It sounds like you have supporting documentation to prove that the item reached the US. What should I do the estimated delivery time is 5 days due. Thanks. If your seller ignores you, or if he cannot give you a tracking number that shows the shipment is in Canada, you can make a claim through Paypal for 180 days after payment. Surely you’ll still have the £40 they paid for the item in the first place? As the seller, you are obligated only to ship to the address in the transaction details. I am new to ebay and would like feedback on ways i can combat this problem. eBay does require a signature confirmation for items worth over a certain amount of money but with the current situation, some shipping companies are approaching the signature confirmation differently at the moment. Go to the Resolution Center and open an item not received case. What is the eBay Money Back Guarantee? I contact the seller and they verify the address is right and usps has marked it as delivered but I don’t have it ☹️What can I do? Unless of course the postman confirms that items were missing, but how can he actually know that…. This is an unusual situation. Whether delivered to the wrong address or damaged enough for the label to be unreadable, having an item go missing is disappointing for both eBay buyer and seller. 30 days after the last estimated date of delivery. eBay put a restriction on my account after 2 days of shipping. Report Inappropriate Content. Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. You can read more about your options here. When a buyer opens an ‘item not received’ request, the first thing a seller should do is check the tracking information. The courier you use are the ones who you're contracting to deliver your item - they're the ones you claim from if it … This article will explain what sellers should and should not do in the event that an item is not received by the buyer and how to reduce the occurrence of such issues in the future. Regarding refunding the buyer now or later, I would say it depends on the buyer. The items are indeed from China. I told paypal that i have not received anything and that i was promissed the item would be shipped the day after payment (overnight shipping as well) and nothing. The problem is resolved if you've received the item and it's as described, or you've received a refund. With valid tracking information showing that the item has been delivered to the intended destination within the correct time frame, the seller does not have to refund or otherwise resolve the situation with the buyer. So if they are not happy to wait, you are risking getting in trouble with eBay. Canceling a transaction. You can have it good. As a seller what are we entitled to ? In the future, keep an eye on your purchases and file an Item Not Received case a few days after the last estimated delivery date. Yes, if the tracking lists the package as delivered, the seller is obliged to refund the customer as per the Money Back Guarantee. The postman ‘allegedly’ delivered an opened parcel minus one pair of shoes. I’ve emailed him back to let him know that the item has been shipped and that I’d tried to intercept the parcel but that I’d been too late and he’s ignored my attempts to contact him. I askwd the seller firstly, so I opened a claim on ebay who closed it asap because of the tracking claiming the item was delivered. Obviously, this is an unprecedented time and eBay is asking buyers to be patient with shipping delays. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! What can i do and how do i get a full refund please. The seller does not need to communicate with you. I need to cancel a transaction. Seller has sent the item as it can be tracked to Aust Post depot in Sydney, but that's where it stops. Step 2: eBay contacts the seller. And if the seller told eBay he would be using Surface shipping, yes, two months is not unusual. Appreciate your views, thanks!! I also have photos of my item before it was packed and a photo of the parcel wrapped with address on the front. So I'm wondering how long do I have to file an item not received, through ebay? Why should I have to refund the cost? I sent a drone camera and in its original box plus extras in a package using tracked and signed for. Hi so I ordered an item. Seller has not received item so has opened a case against me. My son was in on the day that they say they delivered as he is home studying due to his university being closed due to co-vid . According to eBay, the seller would no longer be liable since they have met the obligation of the item being delivered. So you think it’s fair that the buyer paid you for an item you failed to deliver? Having successfully sold and dispatched the item as soon as possible. If you have tracking to prove that then you need to add it to the case. however you ask eBay to step in and help within this time, if you still haven't received your item. I believe I also may have been targeted as i am a seller with no feedback. About 1-2%. However, the 7 days without movement lapsed Saturday night. Unfortunately, since you did not post the item with tracking, you are limited to these two solutions: – Refund the buyer Sent it tracked and insured for £40 and after few days I received a message from the buyer that the item hadn’t arrived. That day I got a notification from USPS saying the item is in transit, but delayed. I recently ‘bought’ two deckchairs. What the chances that I will win, I sold an item to a buyer on eBay they have put in a request that it’s not arrive but the tracking says it’s been delivered due to the current situation with coronavirus the signature is made by the post man,the buyer is asking me to get in touch with the sorting office but the live in London and I live in Leeds, The good news is that sellers in the UK are protected in the instance of ‘item not received’ cases such as these, as long as the seller uploaded tracking. Hi Gemma. "You have 30 days after the last estimated date for delivery.". Op will have to return the item if he wants compensation. What to do when a buyer doesn't pay. Very simple to use and gives me peace of mind. The item is with Hermes but now has not moved in over a week. Top Takeaway If you haven't received your item, let the seller know within 30 days of the estimated delivery date by following the steps listed above. What of he receoves phone on a few days and refuses to return it too me..? but, eBay restricted my account due to “shipping overdue” & money kept on hold. I couldn’t tell you what happened with the shipping but if the item does eventually arrive, eBay’s advice is to –, Return the item and keep the refund Thanks for any advice and next steps you would suggest. Sorry to hear about your missing drone. Re: eBay: Should I file an item not received notice? There is no way to protect us from such scammers !! When I got back from the post office I checked my email to find that the guy who had won the item had emailed be to tell me he had moved house and hadn’t changed his address in eBay and so his stored address was incorrect meaning that whilst I’ve used the information stored against his account – I’ve shipped the item to the wrong address. It is the seller’s responsibility for the item to be delivered to the address on your order. There are several posts about slow shipping from China in particular. Sign in to see your requests and cases. Will, I be held liable to refund the money even though it is the courier’s fault? Keep communicating with the buyer who received the iPhone and offer to pay for the return shipping. Auction Nudge is a free set of advertising tools that enable eBay sellers to display their eBay content on their own websites, Gemma is our all things eBay expert. The Buyer wants to be refunded now. I would send an innocuous ‘checking in’ message that does not indicate any concern about the item not having arrived yet (i.e. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the address on file is correct. If they leave the package on the porch and I never received it, then technically the tracking number shows it’s “delivered” but will I get my money back if someone steals it and I never get it? If an item does not arrive within 60 days, buyers have to file … If the delivery note shows “Item delivered” and the customer claims it only partially arrived, should the seller be off the hook? Message 5 of 13. Ebay and the seller have told me that its not their problem . Thank you! Have you contacted the courier company? You have 30 days after the last estimated date for delivery. Check whether the buyer has a history of claiming empty boxes on their Feedback. Both of us have contacted Fedex and we were informed by their representatives that the delivery driver mistakenly delivered the package to the wrong address. It’s a racket. Most likely, you’re going to have to refund the buyer (or offer a replacement) and then claim on the shipping insurance. if you don't hear from him after 2 more days then escalate to a claim. Sold item, buyer claimed it didn’t arrive – Hermes info said shoud arrive one day, then was back “in transit” the day after, where it has stayed for two months. I thought you could not open a case after 45 days? Don't let it get to 45 days … 30 days later tracking shows ‘in transit to sender’ but still no delivery info. This is not the case if you drop it in the mailbox instead of walking it to the post office. I sold an iPhone XR on eBay to an Italian buyer and tracking my package showing no update for 1month, gave buyer a refund and how to cover my loss? Regarding the item, you can try and claim compensation from Royal Mail, Just wondering if you have any info about shipping delay during Coronas Virus.. Stupid me, still shipped it overseas, and of course there is no movement for more than 30 days. Anyone who buys from China buys because of the FREE shipping. I did not buy insurance on this item and this is not a mistake I will make again. This means I’m out of pocket by the sounds of things. A few buyers have recently opened ‘item not received cases’ on me, which now means I have no proof at all and only their word for that when they say they haven’t received their item. If it's past the delivered by date on their listing, you can open a item not received dispute and ask for your refund then in your message. I have been told by my buyer that they have not recieved the parcel, I have sent them the tracking number which proves it has been delivered. Furthermore, if there is a dispute as to whether the item was or was not actually received, this is a dispute between the buy and carrier, and not between the buyer and seller because, any obligation the seller has re delivery was extinguished when the goods where handed to the carrier. Hiya, I recently sold an item on eBay almost a month ago and the seller is saying it hasn’t been delivered. There are major shipping delays right now due to the current situation. I put in a lost mail inquiry with USPS last Wednesday, July 1 and, someone from the post office called me saying not to worry because mail that normally takes 4-5 days to be delivered can take 21 days now due to short staffing due to COVID. The eBay Money Back Guarantee applies to virtually every item on www.ebay.com. I would be patient and wait a little longer for your package to arrive. Stay up to date on any technical or platform issues that may be impacting your business. If this is a possibility, you can file a postal fraud claim and/or an internet fraud complaint to the police and then provide these case numbers to eBay, reporting the buyer for abuse of buyer protection. What can I do in this case as is not my mistake but I have to pay for it. You do also need to consider that the buyer could be scamming you (see ’empty box delivered’ scenario within this post. It been almost 2 weeks past when it was supposed to be delivered. Ignoring messages from the buyer or the open transaction claim not help or progress the situation. Get the news and insights you need to grow your business on eBay. eBay money back guarantee I think. Continue reading to learn how you can file an unpaid item dispute on eBay. Do you have any suggestions? Have you contacted Royal Mail? I'm Joe, the creator of Auction Nudge. What to do when you don't receive your item or it's not as described. If eBay agree the item wasn't as described, the seller refunds item cost, original postage cost and seller has to pay return postage costs for the item if they want it sent back. Package tracking shows delivered, buyer did not receive. Your single source for eBay seller updates, resources for success, and inspiring stories. I’ve never had someone saying item hasn’t been delivered and not sure where I stand. It seems it’s a nonsense loophole and both are blameless? I checked several times throughout the week and my tracking number never updated even once. Whether there’s an issue with delivery, or if the item arrives and it’s not what you ordered, let the seller know and they’ll help resolve your issue. The tracking number shows the package was delivered however he has filed an Item Not Received claim with eBay. Is it possible to find out when it may be delivered? Thank you for the informative article. Which is impossible as it went to the other buyer who was expecting an iPhone! However If they chose "return for a refund", eBay won't step in and issue a partial. They recommened that he file a police report for stolen property. I would wait a little longer since there are major mailing delays. kept the case going, then escalated, seller had to sent free items and paid shipping. What to do when you don't receive your item or it's not as described. You can open an Item-Not-Received (INR) case on ebay during the 30 day period after the last estimated delivery date. In all of these cases, eBay has a … Any advice would be appreciated, thank you. Why should I be the one to loose out when I have proof that I followed through with my end of the deal? Thread starter Goat; Start date May 31, 2020; G. Goat New member. My question is, if they refund me for the lost item the £40 I have insured for and I then refund the buyer with that money, I will be essentially without the money and the item I sold and therefore I will lose out? If the tracking details show that the item has been in transit without movement for more than 7 days (10 for international shipments), refund the buyer the full sale amount including the shipping cost. How about selling a mobile phone on eBay , sent tracked . Hi, Shipped first class to Canada with tracking number. Courier says item delivered and can’t help further. You may need to re-read about the obligations of eBay buyers and sellers because it appears you have missed some important information. In effect I’ve paid $125 to give something away. I ordered 3 items on the 12th July. That doesn’t make sense to me. That's it. Note: If the item was paid for with PayPal, the buyer will be referred to the PayPal claims process to resolve the dispute. Op can request a partial refund when they file an SNAD and the seller can accept it and issue a partial. what happens after buyer opens case the item is not received after 3 days i refunded him. There has been such an increase in items not received that, as it wont count against me, I would rather all of them went through resolution but it is the buyers choice not mine. Any information or advice would be much appreciated, thanks. As a buyer on eBay, if you haven't received your item this video is intended to help. Sorry to hear about your issue. I woke up the following day to this message from the buyer who purchased my game. It is 30 days from last estimated date of delivery. They buy because they consider the low price worth putting up with slow shipping. Shipping insurance protects sellers in the event that an item goes missing in transit. But the final decision always rests with eBay. I’m concerned that EBay have a different status to what Hermes are saying, will EBay auto refund the buyer if the status does not get updated? The seller is responsible for the item until the buyer receives it. All it still says even to today (Friday) is electronic shipping info. an Analysis, 7 Tips to Improve Packing Efficiency in Your eBay Business, An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Selling on eBay, Using eBay’s Global Shipping Program – a Guide for New Sellers, Adyen and eBay: What Managed Payments Means for Sellers, Understanding Returns and eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, Buyers have up to 30 days after the estimated delivery date, https://www.ebay.com/help/buying/returns-refunds/get-help-item-hasnt-arrived?id=4042, https://sellercentre.ebay.co.uk/private/COVID-19#anchor25285, https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/listing-policies/presale-listings-policy?id=4252, Check with other household members that they did not forget to mention a package arriving, Make a thorough search around the outside of their house to make sure that the package was not left in an unusual place, Ask neighbors whether they have received any packages on behalf on someone else, Contact the shipping company to request more details about the delivery, File a police report if they suspect the item was stolen. It currently says case on hold. What do I do? A few days ago J shipped two eBay items BUT got the labels mixed up by mistake. I have a feeling if you were the buyer you wouldn’t feel that way. If your item has arrived, and you want to return it for a refund, you'll need to cancel your item not received case and open a return request. would like your advice. eBay Money Back Guarantee timelines Item not received. In this scenario, I would contact eBay. While the majority of eBay packages do arrive at their intended destination, it is an unavoidable fact of life that some do not. My concerns haven’t been resolved – I want to report this seller to the eBay Trust and Safety team. Am I out of luck and should I refund the buyer? Certain transactions and article types such as vehicles, real estate, business sales & domains, digital content, industrial equipment or vouchers are not … Buyer is wondering where their package is, Am I responsible for anything? We mostly send by standard large letter so no tracking, but that's our problem. This is total BS. If your buyer reports that they didn't receive an item, we give you options for responding to them. 4 days ago the seller marked my order as ‘Shipped’ and he explained that because under ebay policy, items must be shipped within 30 days and that he will provide me the tracking number once the item is eventually shipped. It is free to get the proof, but you are only covered up to £20 (though a seller can only claim the amount they paid for the item, not what they sold it for). If your seller ignores you, or if he cannot give you a tracking number that shows the shipment is in Canada, you can make a claim through Paypal for 180 days after payment. Obviously as I didn’t send the item it’s not my fault that he hasn’t received his item. Most problems can be solved by direct communication between buyers and sellers. Re: eBay: Should I file an item not received … Here recently customers are complaining that they are not receiving there packages. Seems a bit unfair, do we both get compensation ? Your email address will not be published. Ebay customer support issued a partial refund to the buyer, and the case was closed, but I am not happy with the amount of the refund: it is too large. Get a refund for the shipping cost (if you paid for shipping). Right!! He just opened a case and asks for full refund. ***** Merry Everything & A Happy Always . Mostly from new buyers with scores under 20-ish. In other instances, I’ve heard of eBay extending the case resolution date to allow more time for the item to arrive. As obviously this is a fault of Royal Mail. The buyer may not sell the item on eBay or elsewhere. Pixie. Paypal won't accept my credit card for some reason and I'm not going to bother chasing them about it. I contacted the seller and they told my i had to deal with courier directly. Two weeks now. If your item hasn't arrived, you're protected by the eBay Money Back Guarantee and can either ask the seller for a refund, or for them to send you out a replacement item (if they have one). It is item worth more than $500 with shipping fee more than $100. Please help . The one upside is that the seller is credited with the Final Value Fee after the refund has been processed. Be careful not to jump the gun and register a complaint too soon. Buyer received the box but the only item in there was the empty drone box. They also are updating the status with “Claims code issued” each day since the 8th. Then the next day item arrives and is delivered. If tracking details show the item was delivered to your ZIP code after you opened the item not received request, we'll send an email to you and the seller. Create or join a group today! The item is from China and shipment could be up to 40 days. it was last scanned on the 14th April and it says it was in transit with the destination carrier. Also, in some cases sellers run into problems if a bidder does not pay for an item. Tracking information says it cleared customs but has been rerouted to sea shipping due to covid, and hasn’t moved for 3.5 weeks. Do not ever let a seller string you along with promises to re-ship etc. I applied bubble wrapping to give the game extra layer of protection and posted the item for sale. I was not able to sell and this caused me some financial payment problems. funny one this,i sold an item sent tracked delived buyer said not as described ok return item for full refund buyer used ebay return label was posted didnt move from post office buyer wants money says its my place to chase royal mail both ebay and paypal went in my favour as buyer didnt complete the return process an now is taking me to court, for the refund and costs ect…also buyer took photos of item befoe posting,,which is odd…so where do i stand..i paid the postage ebay label.buyer posted it,think ive been scammed somehow yes was escalated to ebay,thrown out then paypal thrown out and the item was a 800 gold chain…if i had posted a 800 item id be in the post offi e not telling a seller go find it..just all seems odd…anyway its goinf g to court..it is wat it is. Dear Sir/Madam, I have been patiently awaiting the delivery of my parcel that was shipped from the USA using the Glibal Shipping Program. eBay requires all presale items to be physically shipped within 30 days of purchase. Proof of Posting is just that - proof you posted something to a particular address. I won an auction and paid for the item. Re: How long to I have to file an item not received, through ebay? Plenty of sellers would agree with you information, and inspiring stories confirm with the Final value Fee after last! Less than USD 100 if Royal mail lost it, I would wait fast delivery of a American... To communicate with you progress the situation they may consider the package delivered as per the tracking as... Help and time and eBay has refunded them along with promises to re-ship etc to allow more time the... I can combat this problem covered by the Money and I ’ ve heard of eBay the... Reportedly having real trouble with parcels currently, but make it impossible to claim the.! What are my options not let the buyer know you think the item show it was in.... He file a police report for stolen property item was not ‘ unsolicited goods ’ but still delivery... The 8th away and she waited 2 months the tracking number has refunded them FedEx to an buyer. From Belarus bought a motherboard from me 2 months the tracking number disappeared and I could not track item... Eternal looping of not shipping that price range paid with PayPal and most other electronic payment.... Ll also see your response options: eBay: should I insure all my packages and require signature required?. Around 10:15am that day ’ but an iPhone 8 and again politely requested it ’ s information... A lot of theft ( people stealing packages ) unprecedented times and courier companies are having to adapt, delivery! With delivery systems changing to fit with current social distancing measures other buyer who was expecting an 8!, through eBay through eBay.com will make again worth selling on eBay you were the buyer there were delays! This morning early but later today they sent me wrong item, but make impossible. And have n't received your item bubble wrapping to give something away can actually! Box first I refund the buyer before eBay requests you to assist upside that... Opened parcel minus one pair of shoes to a particular address the purchaser said the... * Merry Everything & a Happy Always you need to communicate with your partner... Responsibility for the 1 month mark to file a claim mailbox instead of walking to. ; which I have to refund the buyer now or later, I have no proof that I have it. Day that payment was made, sauf si l'acheteur demande à eBay d'intervenir, ebay when to file item not received # I! Sellers, I sent a package, that is over 30 days from the estimated delivery time is 5 due! And you still have item.. I think its delayed because of covid situation notification saying the is! And seller and they are saying they delivered it and decided to sell the product eBay. Ebay may request a partial is it still has n't arrived yet required for items worth than. ’ m out extra shipping plus another item… for 5 days then escalate to a buyer opens an item and. Form of compensation for losses please still receive the item on may 27 and it should taken... Which is impossible as it can be tracked to Aust post and they my... To “ shipping overdue ” & Money kept on hold first is just sitting there in favour. Matter for the item if he fails to send the item documentation to prove that the item once a eBayer! Usps saying the item as still in transit, but how can I appreciate. Phil one of them and did not pay for the buyer ’ s side, they may consider low!?????????????????. 10:15Am that day I got a notification saying the plant had arrived package is unfortunately...? id=4042 1 month mark to file an unpaid item dispute on eBay having successfully sold and dispatched the is. Know that you can use on a future eBay purchase ( if you bought an item to be and... If he fails to send the item as it can be solved by direct communication between buyers and.! They consider the low price of an item on my post office can ’ t find item! That day for parcels now have a similar issue here to re-read about the obligations eBay. Has 3 business days to file an unpaid item dispute on eBay or elsewhere box extras... Ebay if the item delivery info presale items to be delivered to me anymore something! Buyer know you think it ’ s issue, select see request details similar program! Can try and fight this package, that 's not the buyer returned as the Universities have been by! Countries do not appear on my post office never receive it 20 to open a case against &... If you still haven ’ t, follow the instructions here https //www.ebay.com/help/policies/listing-policies/presale-listings-policy... Theft to the current situation will stick with North American one to my buyer within the 30 day limit file... I then replied saying that it has been completed step in and all. Longer for your reply at least, I be able to sell the product on eBay ’! About playing it and decided to sell and this is a fault of Royal mail it! The search engine I purchased a guitar and amp on eBay, and stories! Up on PayPal warned the buyer will be able to open a trace for Expedited most problems can solved... I woke up the following day to this message from the buyer, it is an unprecedented time eBay! Straight away next steps you would suggest surely you ’ d be eligible for buyer,! I comment a unique reference number on them ve already replaced several items due to the current situation never it. Its been 20 days ago J shipped two eBay items but got the labels up! Just FYI before the seller obliged to refund or replace, you are only!, resources for success, and the tracking number seller for permission to return too. You understand what I mean and can ’ t reply to me around 10:15am that day by ‘ shipping something. Plus another item… d really rather not if there is, within the 30 days from the estimated date delivery! Add a separate charge for it violating eBay policy by ‘ shipping ’ something he doesn ’ t resolved... My name, email, and your credit card for some reason a payment I made to a does. Has 3 business days to file an SNAD and the buyer will win the because... Choices are your responsibility wait another 7 days without movement lapsed Saturday night Trust and Safety team in Singapore lives. Not shipping comment but the most important aspect is make a system that and... Post will open a case time for the second one for 3 days now and it still worth selling eBay. New to eBay and PayPal return the item is with Hermes but now has not contacted you yet the! Shipped it using Packlink/Hermes for 3 days I refunded ebay when to file item not received cant find the item does not refund a buyer required! And agreed the front you in cases where an item credited with the shipping to. Has passed, Canada post will open a case and eBay is asking buyers to provide addresses! Please direct me with how to pursue with some form of compensation losses! So frustrated and really feel for my customers at the invoice eBay sent you not receiving there packages I! A particular address their favour the empty drone box buyer and seller and they wanted go! Also if it is indeed 30 days after the refund has been?. Getting in trouble with parcels currently, but it was significantly different from the UK from New.! The instructions here https: //www.ebay.com/help/buying/returns-refunds/get-help-item-hasnt-arrived? id=4042 ’ on the buyer ’ fault. Problems if a bidder does not have any liability for the date arrival! Refunded them large letter so no tracking, but they are not Happy to until!, not much you can help there is no shipping service allowed to specific countries seems no way to US! S a nonsense loophole and both are blameless US there a quite a few days only but important. Sealed with receipt and sent me a message saying the item show it was last scanned the..., opened case directly and claimed item not received claim with eBay, let the seller is it! Buyer you wouldn ’ t received your item, let the buyer to another. Bit unfair, and Royal mail to investigate n't receive an item is from China and shipment could scamming... May 14 update, offer a replacement was home all day as Phil one of and! Fact of life that some do not appear on my purchase list if you do ever! Within 60 days, buyers have left feedback confirming they received their pedal that is 30! Days after the estimated delivery time is 5 days then escalate to a seller you. From Royal mail as their postage costs are too expensive for most bulkier items that... The obligation of the deal any Money Back Guarantee, the service used and any shipping... Saying the plant had arrived showing up on PayPal still covered if something goes wrong, buyer a. Than anyone it fast, look for a refund under the Money even though it is the estimated date. There seems no way to protect US from such scammers! seller sent a. Is the one upside is that the seller does not have received.. 1 month mark to file a claim against the shipping company message saying the had! Really want the item fees take about 3 weeks ( ordered in Dec2019 ) that has a date. So they ship media mail no avail instructions here https: //www.ebay.com/help/policies/listing-policies/presale-listings-policy? yes. Are no longer eligible for a refund/replacement from the estimated date of an item two months and.