Pull the cord out about six inches to put tension of the starter wheel, then tie another knot as close as you can to the handle. If the ears wear off, the pulley won’t engage with the pawls. Set the leaf blower on a flat surface and, as a safety precaution, disconnect the spark plug by pulling the wire off of the plug. Includes disassembly through reassembly. The Poulan Pro gas blower is a gasoline-powered backpack style leaf blower that blows air at a maximum velocity of 180 miles per hour and rate of 400 cubic feet per minute. This can result in the starter rope pulling without resistance. Took the leaf blower apart to put a wrench on the cord pull nut and the wrench … Husky leaf blower: hand pull cord will not pull out to start the engine. Husky leaf blower: hand pull cord will not pull out to start the engine. ... My Honda 214 SX lawn mower pull rope won't pull at all, however, if I engage the blade drive, then the pull rope easily pulls, engine starts, rope retracts. … Blower recoil hard to pull after storage prep. The recoil starter can also fail to engage the engine when the rope is pulled. Learn how to repair and take apart this Homelite 26cc, 2 cycle, gas powered leaf blower vac model UT26HBV step by step to replace pull starter pulley, spring recoil, or fan impeller. Hold the cord and let the wheel gently unwind, winding the cord around it as it does so. Helpful. If the cord … Best Corded Leaf Blowers: The obvious advantage of a corded leaf blower is that you don’t have to replace batteries or mess about with fuel tanks. Bought for a 150BT Husqavarna blower. Cut the old starter rope just below the rubber, T-shaped pull handle. Snowblower will start will pull cord. Pick up the old pull-start cord and locate the cap. I have a Stihl 064 that has been sitting in the garage unused for several years. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. It just pulls all the way out FREE. Pull the cord out and cut it with a utility knife, then unwrap the cord from the recoil pulley on the Echo leaf blower. Reattach the housing to the blower with the screws that hold it, then reconnect the spark plug. The air filter may be clogged: When the air filter of your leaf blower is clogged its engine will not get … Our favorite blower vac, the Ultra Plus, comes with multiple accessories that will make your yard word easier and get done faster. In this case, you will often be able to fix the symptom by simply opening the machine and untangling or removing the rope … Pages with related products. Wind the starter wheel until it becomes to difficult to turn -- about four or five revolutions. When I go to pull the starting cord it won't budge. See all reviews. My blower when starts runs great! Unscrew the four recessed screws holding the starter housing to the engine with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the housing. VERSATILE YARD CARE TOOLS. This past weekend, from one pull to the next, the action became very jerky and difficult, such that the rope now can barely be pulled out in a serious of very stiff jerks. It's a different model of Homelite, but concept is the same. Homelite Leaf Blower Vacuum UT26HBV pull starter won't retract / recoil. While some might find it a minor inconvenience to deal with cords, and even extension cords, it’s easy enough to plug in. Slide the handle onto the other end of the cord and push it flush against the starter housing. Battery is good and fully chaged. Remove the screw holding the rope pulley with a Phillips head screwdriver. Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities. My Ryobi leaf blower (back pack type) pull cord is stuck. Honda 928TAS Electric start snowblower won't start with key - just get a clicking sound. Read more. Remove the rope pulley … You'll also learn how to remove the engine for repair.Check out this video by DoItYourSelfers on how to replace the pull cord string. The leaf blower's recoil starter consists of a rope and spring-loaded pulley system. Insert one end of a replacement starter cord through the hole in the handle, tie an overhand knot and … For 10 bucks can't really expect much more. Husky leaf blower: hand pull cord will not pull out to start the engine. This is the process that will ultimately start the leaf blower’s engine. I am in the process of cleaning/rebuilding it. If I pull the spark plug I can pull the starter rope easily and the piston moves freely, but when the plug is in you cannot pull the starter rope at all, nothing moves or gives. hello, my Ryobi leaf blower (back pack type) pull cord is stuck. If the pull rope doesn't retract, it's likely that the spring inside the recoil starter is broken. How Do I Replace a Murray Mower Pull Rope? Grasp the knotted end of the cord and pull the cord through the hole in the central hub of the starter wheel, then remove it. You start the engine by cranking it with a pull rope, and the rope is subject to wear and eventual breakage. Remove the broken cord from the starter pulley, which is mounted on top of the engine. After letting it cool, I added a spoonful of 2-stroke oil at the spark plug and tried pulling the recoil cord to circulate the oil. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies. If this happens, you will be left without a way to start your blower until you install a new recoil starter. As with many parts that are involved in the leaf blower’s starting process, excessive force when pulling the starter rope can cause the pulley to … The FS130 pull cord cannot be pulled while holding the machine, it goes a few inches then pulls the entire engine up with the cord. I first thought that perhaps the rope had fouled, so I opened up the housing, but the … The pull cord broke after a few months of use. Feed a new starter cord through the housing and the hub and tie a single knot in the end. Back it up until the hole in the hub lines up with the hole in the housing, then wedge a screwdriver between the wheel and the housing to prevent the wheel from unwinding. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Weed Eater gasoline-powered leaf blowers use a rope pull start, or recoil starter, to start the engine. Cut the extra from both ends of the cord with a utility knife. Turn the housing over and unwind what's left of the old cord. If you are on the roof clearing gutters, it is so much easier than removing the blower to pull a cord. Slide the handle onto the other end of the cord and push it flush against the starter housing. Dry weather, dampness and age can impact your pull rope negatively and it can break. Toro's full-line of leaf blower vacs allow you to take care of projects all year long. Simply press the button and go to work. Pry the cap off by hand or use a flathead screwdriver to expose the knot in the cord holding it to the handle. Some pulleys have the ears that engage the starter pawls formed into them. If starter pull cord won't retract, this simple spring repair will fix it and you'll also learn how to remove the engine.Points in the video:Disassembling:0:30 Removing the Engine Cover2:33 How to remove and replace the Fan / Impeller3:55 Detaching and Separating Engine4:18 Removing Throttle Cable4:40 Detaching Wires6:10 Removing Starter Pulley and Spring Container for Replacement7:26 Cord length and replacement information8:02 Repairing a bent spring and Spring Container part #8:31 Recoiling a Spring the easy way:Reassembling:10:22 Replacing Spring and Pulley12:55 Adjusting Recoil and Spring Tension14:03 Tying on the Handle14:34 Attaching Motor and Electrical16:06 Reconnecting the Throttle Cable16:29 Reattaching the Fan / ImpellerUse this video to replace or repair the fan blade (impeller), pull starter / starter pulley, starter cord, and spring container. Wear a leather glove while rolling the cord. Cord replacement starts at 3:00: https://youtu.be/wx5D9A7Ye3YIf you'd like to know how to assemble the parts for blowing and vacuuming, check out Bearwolf's helpful video: https://youtu.be/CdcATiVzCqI To repair Homelite models HB 180V and HB 290 , refer to DoItYourSelfers video:https://youtu.be/wx5D9A7Ye3YAlways check manufacturer's website for exact product parts and specifications. It makes a fair amount of noise, so hearing protection is recommended. The problem is when I shut it off and go to restart it later the pull rope does not have any resistance against it. Once started, they both run fine, revving quickly and running cleanly at full throttle. Sometimes, when your starter rope will not retract into your leaf blower, it can be because it is jammed between the pulley and the housing, or it is wrapped around the hub. The previous owner says its always been hard to pull and chalks it up to the fact that its a bigger engine than the 100RX and has more compression, so its normal he says. The starter housing is attached to the front of the engine with four easily accessible screws, so once you have a new rope in hand, you should be able to replace a broken one in a matter of minutes. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. Took the leaf blower apart to put a wrench on the cord pull nut and the wrench … Report abuse. See and discover other items: poulan leaf blower, poulan leaf blowers They are plug and play as-it-were. Recently my two 2-stroke blowers (Echo PB-250LN and Hitachi RB24EAP) have been requiring very high effort to pull the starter cords. Fish the end of the old rope out … Homelite Leaf Blower Vacuum UT26HBV pull starter won't retract / recoil. I used my Husqvarna 150bt backpack blower for the last time of the season, emptied the remaining gas, and ran it to empty. If the end of the new cord is frayed, heat it with a lighter and turn it in your fingers to form a point that will go through the holes more easily. They feel like super high compression large 4-strokes where I can clearly feel every compression stroke as I pull the cord. How to Fix a Broken Cord on a Murray Lawn Mower, How to Replace the Rope on a Stihl MS290 Chainsaw, How to Fix a Broken Pull Rope on a Lawnmower, How to Install a Pull Start Recoil for a Backpack Blower, How to Remove the Recoil Housing on a Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower, Small Engine Repairs: Chainsaw Repair Replace Starter Rope, How to Replace the Rope on a Toro Lawnmower, How to Rewind the Pull Starter on a Homelite Chainsaw.