Top Critics (0) In this animated science-fiction episode, "Miss Macross," the displaced citizens of the wayward city of Macross come closer to returning to a semblance of normal life, by broadcasting television programs onboard their home, the beleaguered space battleship SDF-1. Robotech: The Movie, also called Robotech: The Untold Story, is a feature film and was the first new Robotech adventure created after the premiere of the original series. | Watch Robotech - Season 1, Episode 3 - Space Fold: The Zentraedi invaders continue to close in, and the battle for planet Earth becomes even more intense. The SDF-1 touches down near the base to investigate and replenish supplies, and Lisa enters the base to see if she can find any sign of her lost love. The crew of the SDF-1 assess the damage that has been dealt to the Earth. Life is slowly returning to normal on the ship; even Minmei's family's restaurant is reopening the day after she and Rick were rescued. Watch Robotech season 1 episode 1 online. Show More. Free shipping for many products! Flush with their ship's new capabilities, Captain Gloval decides to take the offensive. | Meanwhile, some Zentraedi who are tired of civilian life have returned to their military ways. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Robotech. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. According to Robotech Art 1, Rick was a member of Roy's aerobatic team prior to Roy's joining the Robotech Defense Force (RDF). Max and Miriya finally duel openly, leading to a sudden wedding which proves more valuable for the ship's survival than anyone could have expected. Robotech: The Movie, also called Robotech: The Untold Story, is a feature film and was the first new Robotech adventure created after the premiere of the original series. Meanwhile, life carries on for the displaced people of Macross City, and Lynn Minmei celebrates her birthday with her family. The Haydonites, who had been the REF's allies during the Third Robotech War, sought to purge Protoculture and all those who had come into contact with it. While Lisa, Rick and Ben are interrogated with strange results for both sides, Max sneaks on board to rescue his comrades. Over the next ten years, mankind repairs and refits this fortress, using the advanced "robo-technology" found aboard it to create fighter planes that can transform into giant robots Rick Hunter, a young circus stunt pilot, is caught in the crossfire, unaware of the role that he will play in the events soon to come. The Robotech TV series is an animated series made as an international co-production by Harmony Gold USA and Tatsunoko Production as part of their Robotech franchise. Watch all 36 Robotech episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. As Miriya searches for the hated enemy ace, Lisa decides to go Earth Command to show the startling new findings about the enemy. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! As the Zentraedi's past is revealed to RDF command, Kyle Minmei's resistance to a military guard of the last resizing chamber backfires disastrously. The SDF-1 lands on the abandoned base on Mars for resupply, unaware that the Zentraedi have arrived and have prepared a trap. The SDF-1 scientist reveals that the alien space-fold device that brought them to their present location has mysteriously vanished, and the crew comes to the grim realization that they must make a long desperate battle back to Earth. Rick was born on 22 November 1990. His parents were \"Pops\" Hunter and a mother with an unknown name. They believe there will be no resistance offered as they try and recover their lost protoculture factory. S1 E1: Boobytrap. The Valkyries were built using the knowledge gleaned of robotechnology thanks to the arrival of the SDF-1 on Earth. | Full season and episodes The complete guide by MSN. Zor realizes that the Robotech Masters must be stopped at any cost. Lisa's final visit to Rick before leaving on a space mission under her command becomes unexpectedly dramatic thanks to both Minmei and Khyron. Robotech is an American-Japanese 85-episode adaptation of three unrelated anime television series (from three different fictional universes) made between 1982–1984 in Japan; the adaptation was aired in 1985.Within the combined and edited story, Robotechnology refers to the scientific advances discovered in an alien starship that crashed on a South Pacific island. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Awards Leaderboard: Top Movies of 2020 – Rotten Tomatoes. Robotech Season show reviews & Metacritic score: War begins to creep back into the lives of those who have fought for the preservation of Protoculture. On the Zentraedi flagship, commander Breetai is informed by his advisor Exedore that their human adversaries are "micronians" -- a fraction of the Zentraedi's size. Season 1 (20) IMDb 8.5 1985 7+ In the year 1999, an alien battle-fortress crashes on an island in the Pacific. See score … Gloval decides the ship must return to Earth, while Zentraedi spies are having difficulty infiltrating Macross' incomprehensible civilian society.