Van Courtland blue has a mixture of green and gray undertones. There feels like there are green tones deep within the muted blue. So, you may want to brush up on your exposures before finalizing your paint colour choice. Check out my Online Paint Colour Consulting, I’d love to help! Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Stained Glass! Hiya! Anne is a soft, medium-toned blue with a good shot of gray in it and a passive green. I love that blue! It makes me think of a boutique hotel and would be very welcoming in your home. Soft pastel paint colors, such as pale pinks, greens, and blues, will continue to trend in the year ahead. To get you started I broke down 12 neutrals into undertone colors for you. Which is my passive-aggressive way of saying…SEND PHOTOS! The cool northern light will make gray paint with blue undertones look very blue. source […]. Hale Navy is a deeply saturated navy blue. fireplace pic…what is the coordinating wall color?? Morning Fog is a cool gray with rich color tone to it. If you were a ‘blue’ person, grey isn’t grey until it looks blue. Blue-grey colors are especially popular for bedrooms because they are calming, cozy, and restful. Gorgeous use of Stonington Gray in a predominantly blue room via House Beautiful. There are a ton of colors here – but I hope that seeing them next to each other helps to draw attention to the subtle differences between them. I asked her about a couple other gray swatches that caught my eye, but she quickly pointed out the blue or green undertones in each of those gray paint colors. It’s located on the north east side of the house, and I would like to go a soft grey with blue undertones. However, the gentleman’s bit is right on key – this would be gorgeous in a study, library, or man cave paired with masculine accessories. Blue Paint Colours: How to Choose the Blue that’s Best for You! My ceiling has a high slope to it. Gray screen is a true gray and is often the shade that looks the most gray to people. In contrast, you can see the real teal and green undertones in New Providence Navy. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Daphne! Gentleman’s gray is really an odd name for this color because it’s not nearly as gray as it is a deep teal. The sky is the limit with this color. mild blue). My trim is Chatilly Lace Thank you so much!! It feels warm, welcoming, and inviting. It probably has had blue added. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Lake Placid! Pair it with creamy colors instead of whites or grays to keep it from looking too blue. Colorado Gray is the most COLOURFUL gray-blue on the page, making it more of a dominant BLUE-gray. Harmonious Undertones It's essential to identify the undertone of a paint color because selecting colors with harmonious undertones is the secret to creating a … Well, I find that my clients usually lean into colours with a BIT more gray to them OR a bit more depth. Now, in my experience doing Online Paint Colour Consulting, the requests for a blue-gray with a GREEN undertone GREATLY OUTWEIGH the blue-purple end of things. Lick Grey 01 is a light blue grey paint is the perfect go-to option for Scandanavian-interior lovers. Hi Joanna, well, that was a hands-on project and I can tell you with ALLLL certainty that it was indeed Network Gray! The key is recognizing that and it when choosing the best grey for your home. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Sherwin Williams Bracing Blue! To me, it feels like aqua, all grown up and sophisticated. Not that it can go purple, it’s definitely a blue-green blend, but that the green can take over OR it can settle back down, leaving more blue on the table (or on the wall, really…), Oh sure, you might see a bit more of the gray-blue here…, But in this next photo, you’ll see the green sneaking its way up…. As mentioned above, gray paint colors can be either warm or cool, depending on their undertones. ?? Pair it with bright white or charcoal for interest and contrast. The undertone of your gray needs to … Polo Blue is a rich, masculine, true navy color. Sherwin williams mindful gray sw 7016 sw mindful gray is a shade darker than … I have a question?? It’s killer as an accent wall, bathroom vanity or on built-in cabinets. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Sherwin Williams Windy Blue! Read more: Gray Paint Colours – The 3 Undertones You NEED to Know! Repose Gray is a very popular neutral paint color. I just need to find the right one! This is a neutral gray that can work well with a lot of looks! The undertones of gray are blue, green, violet and taupe. It’s perfect gray blue paint for a bathroom or bedroom with its soothing, calming hue. Gray with blue undertones came out “baby blue” on kitchen cabinets–and dark baby blue at that. Thanks for sharing! It’s not that bad. A blue-gray with green is STILL a cold colour, as blue and green are traditional cool colours, however, green can soften the look of blue, not necessarily making it WARMER, but it can look a bit more inviting compared to a colder blue blend. Hi Lisa, as I said in this post, grey WILL ALWAYS be either, green, blue or violet. Tranquility is a calm and spa-like gray color with aqua undertones. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Providence Blue! Then a green sample I had caught my eye. What does that mean? If you don’t want to analyze the undertone too intently, just figure out if the color looks warm or cool to you, and what kind of mood you want your space to have. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue! It is very light and bright and easy to work with. The LRV (Light Reflective Value) is 59, so it reflects more than half of the light and is light enough for most rooms. It’s a light-medium super STORMY gray with a soft blue undertone, it’s definitely a ‘gray’ with blue in it, whereas some on this page will look more blue than gray. I wish I could paint more rooms that color. I have been trying to find out if misty is more blue-purple or blue-green in undertones. It’s dark. But give her a bit of light and oooo, she’s a glooorious thing (said with an Irish accent for effect). Flower Box by Benjamin Moore. I'm looking for a light gray paint with a yellow undertone. Theundertones of gray are blue, green, violet and taupe. That will show the true colour of the paint. It’s the perfect … It’s no secret that I love decorating with blue. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Blue Note! Thanks for the advise. It is very dark and moody and will make a big impact in any space. The darkness of the indigo will highlight the blue undertones in the grey, if you want a cooler shade. BM Gray Owl definitely has blue undertones without a doubt. Hey Kylie, Hi Kylie The cool undertones give it great blue vibes, though! Hands-down, my FAAAVE blue-gray blend. If you like Network Gray, you might also like…. Stained Glass is really a dark teal color, but it has been muted by gray undertones. North Star SW 6246. Mount Saint Anne is one of the good ole boys girls. I love a pale blue with a hint of gray. These undertones will rise to the surface, so to speak, depending on the elements in your room. North Star is a cool, crisp blue-grey color. Second square, second row). What to do? Windy Blue is a light but richly toned blue gray color. Will be repainting this weekend because I just can’t stand it. Bracing blue is so charming! And maybe because we all could use a little calming in our lives, do we find that light blue gray and moody slate grays are one of the hottest paint colors of the year. It has an elegant feel to it. It has a lot of red in it, which gives it that purple look. Look for pastel colors with gray undertones, which help diffuse the color … Required fields are marked *. The teal tones give it a very coastal feel. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Sherwin Williams Krypton! If you like Jubilee, you might also like…. ;). Stardew is flat-out gorgeous. I needed a paint color and didn’t have time to test, so picked off the swatch and cannot believe how good it turned out. Inside: Learn how to choose neutral paint colors for your home with the right undertones. She chose the latter. Remember, the undertone that comes out and is more predominant is going to greatly depend upon the lighting that you have in your space & other decorative accessories you pair with it. Since you have a lot going on from a color perspective (i.e. Grey ranges in value from cool to warm shades. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Sherwin Williams North Star! Stillwater is a watery, teal blue color with muddy gray undertones. The easiest way to make any bright color work better on a walls (or all of the walls in a room) is to select a more muted shade. How do you feel about Stardew as an exterior color? Magnetic Gray is generally known as a darker gray but pair it with the right natural and artificial light and you’ll really bring out the silvery blue and green undertones it’s mixed with. I do not want any blue or green undertones and I did put a swatch on the wall, but I am still not sure (just need a professionals opinion. Every neutral color on the paint wheel has a recognizable undertone. Thank you for helping us folks that are clueless when it comes to color! This might show you HOW BLUE Network Gray can look! I hope that helps :). I have looked at SW Tinsmith and BM Stonington Grey but also really like SW Zircon and wonder how this colour compares to those. If you are worried about your grey paint having blue undertones, then ask your paint supplier to show you the make up. I would pair it with crisp whites to really let the color be the star. Grey and blue living room designs have two primary colors that go well with each other smoothly. The gray undertones keep this blue from looking too much like a military uniform. It has blue undertones, so it’s a cool gray. That’s Benjamin Moore Sea Star, a blue-green blend – she’s a BEAUTY! Grey 01. Bachelor Blue is a deep, muted blue gray color. Quick question, the Gray 2121-10 (totally agree with your rant!) Well, I think that psychologically, a lot of us are looking for calm. I hope that you find the perfect shade for your home. I have just stumbled on your site as I figure out how to fix a horrific mistake of picking a gray paint color. It’s got that perfectly worn look, thanks to the gray undertones. Almost all grays have some sort of undertone. Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube, […] blue gray paint colors grey. I find the best grey is one with deep yellow added as it doesn't give a purple or blue undertone. It is a medium darkness and would be beautiful on your walls but would also be stunning for painting a piece of furniture. Best for south-facing rooms with blue and grey undertones – cool grey paints Image credit: Lizzie Orme ‘Rooms that are south-facing are full of light throughout the day making them warmer in tone,’ says Paula Taylor, Colour & Trends Specialist for Graham & Brown . So, even when the blue in your gray is an UNDERTONE it can also have an undertone of its own tucked inside it’s deep lil’ pockets. Distance is a shade of blue that makes me think of my favorite pair of broken in denim. Dockside Blue is a teal color with muddy gray undertones. I LOVE TROUT GRAY, and I’m just DYING for a client to use it! Warm grays, or brown-gray—or the ever so popular “greige”—are very welcoming, while cooler gray paint colors like green-gray and blue-gray, have more of a modern feel. It is a true blue shade, but definitely has gray undertones which give it a moody feeling. It’s very cheerful and happy but the gray undertones keep it a bit muted. This is the only place I have found that even mentions its undertones. It has the potential to get bold quickly, but has just enough muddiness to it to keep it from getting out of control. A warm gray or greige (a combination of gray and beige) paint color most closely resembles a beige and can be used almost interchangeably while cool grays can appear more modern and fresh, with soft blue and green undertones. My favorite light gray paint colors for any home, The 28 Best Light Gray Paint Colors for Any Home. It pairs well with warm tones as well as other cool colors. Would a black headboard/dresser or a alabaster (whitish) headboard /dresser look better with this color? Windy Blue by Sherwin Williams (SW 6240) The blue gives them a bright, happy shade that is very trendy right now. Light exposure plays a large roll in the gray’s undertone. It reads as a really cool gray and can feel more blue depending on it’s surroundings. Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…, If you like Tinsmith, you might also like…. Kylie, your site is amazing! Typically, warm have undertones of yellow, pink/red (see picture above. Network Gray seems to be way more on the “gray” side and not blue side. To help you choose the ideal gray paint color for your space, take these essential factors into consideration. When used in a bedroom you can always layer linen throws, wool blankets, wicker baskets and felt cushions to cosy up the look. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray! After many requests on my favorite light gray paint colors, I have compiled my go-to list and even asked several of my design blogger friends to share their favorites as well. To get you started I broke down 12 neutrals into undertone colors for you. So, why is gray-blue all of a sudden one of the popular kids? There is so much possibility with this shade! But the more I look at the paint color on the walls now, the more I may be going back to grey. Blue Note is a deep navy with an almost sea-like aesthetic. However, the grey undertones keep them from being too bright. If you are looking for a blue/grey neutral, we painted our mud room FB light blue and it is the absolute perfect color. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Sherwin Williams Granite Peak! Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170. The thing is, every gray has undertones and Network Gray has MORE than usual, so it’s not a great ‘neutral gray’ look and you can definitely see more blue at times. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Iceberg! I was going to paint all rooms the same shade and was thinking of Gossamer Veil – thoughts on that color? Since I decorate with blues and whites I really want it to flow and look updated to 2016. Boothbay Gray is a very muddy, gray color that is heavy on the blue undertones. Gray screen is a true gray…and is often the shade that looks the most “gray” to people. These calming hues can bring harmony to a space and soothe overstimulated eyes. Blue-gray walls with gray flooring and gray accessories can look a bit 50 shades of gray, and not in a good way! You need to decide what look you are going for (how blue, how light or dark) and pick a few to get samples in to try in your home! Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Bachelor Blue! I think this color would be stunning in a room with a lot of intricate wall moldings. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Manor Blue! It is a pure, deep blue color, but there are definite gray undertones keeping it from feeling too blue. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Sherwin Williams Aleutian! 2.5L • £38. This soft blue-gray is the color of a gentle early morning fog. Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge! However, I think that it is important that the color is more blue than gray. Define blue-greys with an indigo blue accent. Many of these colors are even described as “spa-like”, making them perfect for your master suite! The Best White Paint Colors: Undertones Explained. Gibraltar Cliffs is a gorgeous, stormy blend of blue and gray with a minor green backdrop. Gray Screen (SW 7071) This gray is a really true gray and stands out because when you look at it, it … This is why you have to be careful. Today I have rounded up my favorite blue-gray paint colors for you. Gray paint colors usually have blue, green, or purple undertones (in contrast, beige might have yellow/green, red/pink understones). Soft fern is a bit like Horizon in that it has gray and greige undertones … It's safe to say that gray is a perfect neutral paint color.Gray is particularly versatile because of its wide range of undertones. I completely agree about the blue and green undertones. The 16 Best Paint Colours To Go With Oak (or Wood): Trim, Floor, Cabinets and More... Sherwin Williams: The 10 Best Gray and Greige Paint Colours, The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Grays (Including Undertones), Sherwin Williams: The 5 Best Neutral Beige Paint Colours, Add a reasonable amount of green to your blue and you’ll get colours like, Add even MORE green and you’ll get sage green, which is a, These types of gray-blues are often referred to as ‘beachy or coastal’ colours. Shown here, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, a gray with a SUPER PASSIVE blue (blue-green) undertones. Reply Cancel It does have a blue undertone and while this undertone can lean JUST slightly into green, it can also flex the other way, especially if you have some north-facing light. It has creamy undertones and makes you feel cool and blue but isn’t really blue at all. And just like Network Gray, you’ll find it to be a BIT of a ninja re: the purple/green factor. And, with its warm gray undertones, it’s more forgiving of scuffs and smudges. The very first choice in the most remarkable gray paint … So, it will be up to you as to how it sits in your eyes! Click here to get a 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Stillwater! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s darker than a sky blue but not quite periwinkle, and the muddy undertones help it feel muted and restful.

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