On maturity, basic sum assured plus loyalty addition will be paid. You can do this anytime you want. Another method of checking is via SMS. Jeevan Shikhar plan UIN no. Rather than having to read through the fine print, you can simply ask the agent to explain to you what it means. (B) If the policy is closed after first year of policy commencement and thereafter in any subsequent year 90% of the single premium paid will be refunded. 1. Similarly, a rebate of Rs.2/- per thousand sum assured will be given for sum assured of Rs.2 lacs and above and a rebate of Rs.3/- per thousand will be given for sum assured of Rs.5 lakhs and above. This lessens your waiting time. You should bring with you a valid ID and your LIC policy number when you visit for our appointment. By checking the LIC India Policy Status you will get the complete information of your policy like how many premiums you need to pay, Maturity Benefit you will get, and other bonuses provided by the Corporation. Here you need to input various details in order to create your new LIC Account: (Please note that Mobile no., Email ID, PAN and Aadhaar No. On successful addition your policy status will be displayed. You can take a print out of the form right after you are finished with the enrolment of your policy or at any other appropriate time simply by logging into your account using the login credentials. Now customers can buy any policy and check their status from the comfort of their home. >> How to Check Lic Policy Status For revival … Check LIC Policy Status Online (For Registered User) You can check your LIC policy details including details of the premium payments, accrued bonuses, group schemes etc. This is a non-linked policy which means that the investment made in the policy will not be invested in the share market thus it is free from market fluctuations and risks and its returns thereby does not depend on the stock market. However, if life assured survives till maturity of the policy nothing is payable on maturity as premium paid is appropriated for risk cover only and not investment. Therefore, yearly mode of paying premium is recommended if you have the capacity to pay once in a year. 50% of sum assured at 25 years. Let us look at each of them: Guaranteed Returns Options: This process is the traditional way of checking your LIC policy. Policy holder can opt for higher risk cover if he takes a term rider plus accidental and disability rider by payment of extra premium. Death and Maturity Benefits: Death and Maturity benefits are eligible for exemption under section 10(10) D of income tax act. The policy covers death risk throughout the life time of the policy holder, payment of maturity benefit if he survives the term of the policy and loan facility is available after three premiums are paid. Proposer has option to choose a maturity sum assured that he would like to receive at the time of maturity of the policy and according to this amount of maturity opted, the single premium payable will be calculated. But instalment premiums can be half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. If you are disputing late fees for example, you should bring with you your proof of payment and other supporting documents. You normally have to send an email or post on the website and wait until someone from the customer service gets your email. This means that the policy continues with all the benefits provided under it to the child in the event of death of the proposer and payment of all premium due after the date of death of proposer are waived. Pure insurance like Jeevan Amulya provide high insurance coverage for comparatively lesser premium. The plan is for the child aged 0 to 12 years and can be purchased by any of the parent or grandparent of the child. Step 3:Hit the ‘New User’ button, it will redirect you to a form where you will be required to enter the details of your policy. • The advantage of using this method is that you get to have answers for your queries immediately whereas if you get your policy information online and there are no live chats available. The LIC allows the policy holders to check the status of the policy online through its website. All you need your Policy number to check the status. To check your LIC status without the policy number you will have to visit your LIC branch with your id proof and the customer care executive will pull out your policy status for you. If you have, any queries regarding this table underneath, or any other aspect of Sukanya Samriddhi YojanaAccount, please do ask us,at our  Q&A page here – FAQ related to Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account, This table reflect maturity values for yearly investments i.e If you plan to make one lump-sum deposit in the Sukanya Samriddhi Account in a year, then you should refer this table. You will still need to enroll your LIC policy for this service in most cases. Sum assured rebate of 1.5% is available for sum assured of more than 150000/-. You too must have thought of whether you would want your child to be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. If you need the status immediately to apply for some loan or something similar, you don’t have to queue or wait a few days to get it. Instalment Premium: This is the paid premiums without any service tax that is required to be entered. Even after receiving survival benefits the insurance covers remains for the full sum assured till the maturity of the policy. Now you are on ‘LIC Online Service Portal’ page. You can avail all the LIC policy details simply by sending an SMS to 56767877. Access your account by typing in your username and password on the log-in page. If death of life assured occurs before the starting of the risk all premiums paid will be refunded to the nominee. 3. 4th to 6th yrs. Now, if you have paid just 5 premiums so far, the policy’s surrender value will be 30 percent (5 x 30, 192) + Final Bonus in today’s term. This option is available up to 15 days of the receipt of the policy by the policy holder. All policies in ordinary life are based on annual premium payments in advance. Detail of the functionalities are mentioned below on the page. Thus, Jeevan Amulya policy gives him an opportunity to invest in alternative avenues. Had he checked the LIC policy status he would have been saved from wastage of hard-earned money and also unnecessary running around? Person of 30 years and above is only eligible for this plan. So planning for it is essential. Step 4:After you enter the required inputs as aforementioned, click to check the radio button and hit the proceed tab. With all details in place, click on the proceed button at the bottom of the page. You can check your policy while you are on a business trip in a different country halfway across the world and you’d still be able to get a status report. In case no mobile number is associated with the policy, you can enter the mobile number on which you wish to receive policy updates. Policy Number, Premium amount without tax, Date of Birth, Email ID, and Mobile number are required to create the account. Now let us consider a case that the LIC policy began in the year 2010 with 15 years of policy term. LIC New Money Back policy-25 years is a participating plan which is non-linked to share market investments. Half yearly and annual modes of paying premium earns rebate on premium rates. LIC has a 24/7 customer … It combines the advantages of endowment insurance and a non-linked plan guaranteeing safe investment, secure returns and risk cover. Subject to conditions and years of premiums paid policy holder will be paid Guaranteed surrender value, special surrender value and full sum assured. You can also try checking your account via phone check facility if your service provider has this kind of service available. Go to www.licindia.in and log in with registered user option to the payment portal using your user name and password. 75% of sum assured at maturity of the policy. Some providers require you to make an appointment so make sure that you call first before stopping by. Most common query of readers is how much money will they get back when they invest a certain amount in the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme. Rebate on High Sum Assured is available as below, Rebate on annual mode of premium payment is 2% and for half yearly mode is 1%. Approval for registration as an Insurance Broker is pending with the IRDAI. Make sure to enter the figure without tax, Date of Birth: Here you need to enter the Date of Birth of the Policy holder in Date/Month/Year format. There are two ways through which you can check your LIC policy. In case of accidental permanent disability arising due to accident (within 180 days of the date of accident) the amount equal to accident benefit sum assured will be paid in equal instalments spread over 10 years and future premiums for accident benefit sum assured as well as premium for the portion of basic sum assured shall be waived. You can track your LIC policy by visiting the LIC branch to get details about your policies or visit the LIC website and login to check the details. They have an online solution where you have to register your details and you can get the LIC policy status. The eligible age group is 8 years to 9 years of age. However, this amount will be further increased by loyalty additions as well as additional benefits of the riders taken. After purchasing the Life Insurance policy (LIC policy), checking the status is the utmost important thing. Head over to the LIC Homepage at https://www.licindia.in/ Here click on the ‘Customer Portal’ option. Online facilities can be used 24/7. This is most appropriate policy for a person who is: Once you are done with the registration process successfully, you will receive a mail confirming your registration on your entered email address. The policy holder can exercise his right to return the policy under this clause, if he is not satisfied by any of the terms and conditions of the policy. If there is any discrepancy you can either get it corrected or you have the option of cancelling the policy and getting back the premium paid less some expenses, if your cancellation request is within 15 days of the receipt of the policy.  A person with above profile will get this policy at comparatively lesser rate of premium as every policy is based on the principle “lower the age lesser the premium”, and once he takes a policy the premium rate will remain the same throughout the term of the policy. The bonuses collected until now will be around Rs. The automatic phone check uses generated messages to give you the status of your policy while customer service will lead you directly to a representative whom you can converse with about your policy. Option 3: 10% of sum assured as survival benefit from 20 to 24 years. If you send SMS to know the status, the SMS rates of your mobile service provider might apply. Option 1: Full sum assured plus bonus payable at 25 years of age. Policy holder has the option to surrender the policy and take the payment of policy money in case of a financial emergency or need during the term of the policy. by simply logging on to the official website of LIC India with your login credentials. Maturity benefit under the plan is sum assured plus loyalty additions earned under the plan during the term of the policy. Have you planned how you will save funds for your kid’s education? How much do you think it will cost when your kid actually pursues it!! If policy holder opts for accidental and disability rider by paying add-on premium this policy offers one of the highest risk covers available in LIC plans. Standard T&C Apply. Tell your spouse or other family members about the policy file location and also remember the date of premium payment as it is crucial as late payment will invite interest penalty and missed payment will render the policy lapsed and all benefits will be withheld. You can opt premium paying option according to your convenience and capacity to pay it either in monthly, quarterly, Half yearly of Yearly mode. Listed in this the 3rd option is ‘Customer Portal’. In the earlier method, you need to make an appointment or wait for a representative to tell you the status of your policy. Once successfully registered you can add your other policies to the registered User ID.). Up to 3 years 55% of surrender value 35% of surrender value IPP Policy Status is the Individual Policy Plan Status. Once you have enrolled your account, you will receive a confirmation that your registration was successful. I have described in this video how to check online policy status of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Option 4: 15% of the sum assured as survival benefit from 20 to 24 years. In case he opts for this benefit he will be paid additional accidental sum assured which will be in addition to the basic sum assured under the plan. One of the easiest ways is to check your LIC policy status periodically to keep a track of the policies you own, when you need to make the premium payment, renew the policy, etc. While most other goals like house, car etc. IRDAI/WBA21/15 Valid till 13/07/2021. Email ID: Enter a email ID to which you have access, and wish to receive policy updates on, Passport Number: Is an optional field. Whether you are unattached or married, it is important to get an LIC policy coverage. If the policy information mentioned is correct the policy will be added to your account, and. If the information provided by you is not correct, then you will see an error message followed by a reminder mail on your registered email id. The Integrated Voice Response System, i.e. Step 5:Now, you can track the details of your policy simply by clicking on the policy number in the list. You can go through the policy conditions and schedule of the policy to ensure you are getting the same product that you have applied for as per your proposal form filled in and signed by you. Loan is available under this plan after 2 years of commencement for a policy with 10 years term and after 3 years of commencement for a policy with more than 10 years term. Send SMS to Check LIC Policy Status: Check your policy in two easy steps. You should be redirected to your personal page where you can check all the different things you need to check about your LIC policy. E-services of LIC bring almost every range of capabilities that were once accessible only via the branches. The screen will show you two options namely, New User and Registered User. The registration will be successful and you’ll be logged into your account. Returns are not guaranteed and will vary from time to time. You can also contact portalsupport@licindia.com for LIC online inquiry or else visit your nearest LIC branch to solve quickly. This is because it offers only insurance coverage and no return on investment. These payments are designed in such a way that they are receivable when child reaches the age of 18 years, 20 years,22 years and 25 years. The only difference is that in this lic product sum assured is determined by policy holder himself, of course commensurate with his income. At the time of checking the policy online, you can also find the ‘Feedback’ link, which can be used to send queries and valuable suggestions. Create your new LIC account by entering relevant details. You will be required to enter your LIC policy details like policy number date of birth, premium amount etc., and click on submit button. After all, a lapsed policy is futile. Until you check the status you won’t be able to see the key information regarding the policy, like loans, payment, benefits payable, claim status, quotation, bonus received, etc. If policy is closed before three yearly premiums are paid it does not acquire any paid-up value and it lapses due to non-payment of premium and nothing is payable. Here look for the ‘Add Policy’ option. Aur agar post pasand ayi ho toa ise apne friends aur family members ke sath share kare. Further he will be entitled to Special surrender value which is 80% of maturity sum assured if up to 4 years premiums has been paid. LIC of India being one of the pioneers in the insurance industry has come up with so many options and made checking policy status very easy and smooth for the customers. Only one term that is 15 years term, is provided under the policy. Moreover, when you regularly check your policy, you also stay updated about the interim bonus and other important details. (. Because just with a single SMS, you can get all your policy details. For example, a one lakh purchase price for a 30 years old person will fetch him a pension of 6750/- yearly, under option I. The unique selling proposition of this policy is that it covers the full risk of the life assured even when he receives periodical survival benefits after 5,10,15 and 20 years of the policy at the rate of 15% of the sum assured for each survival benefit, which means he will be having lesser burden to maintain/ finance his policy as the survival benefits received will be substantial support to sustain his policy as well as survival benefit payments after every five years being a financial support for his financial needs. • Another advantage is that you can ask anything about your policy that you don’t understand. A person aged 54 years can take a policy for a maximum term of 21 years and a person of 50 years of age can take a policy for a maximum term of 25 years. You will get a rebate on the mode selected only for yearly and half yearly mode. All the benefits that the child was to receive under the plan will be paid to the child from time to time as applicable. 1. Any buyer can get hold of LIC India IVRS by simply dialling UAN, i.e. Follow, like, tweet or post. Premium paid: under this plan is eligible for exemption under section 80 (c ) of the income tax act. If the life Assured dies during the term of the policy Death Benefit would be payable. Minimum sum assured at maturity is one lakh and can be increased at the multiples of 20000 for enhanced sum assured. This makes these option safer bet to invest in. However career requires education, and just like everything else education comes with a price. • Along with tax benefits this policy is a good option. The policy covers death benefit, accidental and disability benefits (if accidental and disability riders are taken), and if policy holder survives the term of the policy he gets maturity benefit. You also get a free look option which offers you an option to cancel the policy within 15 days of its receipt if any conditions of the policy does not suit you or is different from what the agent or the representative of the company promised at the time of sale of the policy. If you wish to, you can enter the passport number of the policy holder here, PAN: Is an optional field and you can enter the PAN Number of the policy holder here, Gender: Select the gender of the Policy Holder. Various options are available for payment of annuities like annuity payable for life at uniform rate, annuity payable for 5,10,15 and 20 years certain and thereafter as long as annuitant is alive, annuity for life and return of purchase price at death etc. It is a very good insurance and investment option for employees, businessmen and professionals who have started or are into their career, and can save some part of their income. For yearly mode of payment of premium 2% and for half yearly mode 1% rebate is available. In other words, the sum assured is flexible and is determined by the policy holder himself when he opts for a particular quantum of premium that he opts to pay. 06 Registration Code No. Universal Access Number 1251. Maturity: The amount of maturity benefit received under this plan is exempted under section 10(D) of income tax act. Click on this option. In case you are a new user or have just purchased your policy, you will first need to complete the insurer’s registration process, in order to view information related to your policy. Step 1:The insured requires visiting the official website. This can either be a page confirmation online followed by an email confirmation sent to your contact email. Life insurance corporation of India has at present two plans designed for children and both these policies are meant for providing for future expenses of the child for education, marriage or for any another important event in the life of the child involving finances. When a child is born his/her parents starts planning for his/her future. are already associated with another User ID, provide an alternative Email ID or Mobile No. You will be covered for all risks enumerated in the policy from date of commencement of the policy. In earlier days LIC of India Policy Status checking is a long and time-consuming process. The sum that you can avail from your policy in the form of loan, To Check the Status of Nomination Details, You can know about the details of the nominations. On successful registration, you will be taken to a new page, where an option is displayed. In the form you will have to enter the prerequisite details like the name of the Life Assured (in case of different name from the Proposer like in Children’s Plan), premium and the policy number for every policy. On this page you need to choose your User ID, and password. Death benefits will include sum assured under the policy plus return of the premiums received till the date of death excluding extra or rider premium or first year premium, plus loyalty additions earned under the policy. People who go to the service provider of the LIC policy often need to see someone in person because they feel their queries are complex and could not be answered by looking at the company website and FAQs. For example, a person of 33 years age can take above plan for 25 years term and it will give him maturity amount at the age of 59 years. That means due to advanced technology, one can check their LIC of India policy status online now, with just a few clicks on your computer. Risk commences under the plan one day before the policy anniversary coinciding with or immediately following the completion of 8 years of age whichever is earlier. On successful registration, the customer will have access to information regarding status of policy/s, loan, revival, premium due/ policy calendar, maturity calendar etc. Now you have to click on ‘Policy Status’ tab. Online payment: It is the very recent updated facility to all the account holders, and it gives the clyster clear it gives more satisfaction and hopes for their investments to the Life Insurance policy. LIC Policy Status Online Check Go to the LIC website at the following address http://www.licindia.in/ Once on this site, you will notice a blue panel on left side of the screen, with the heading ‘Online Services’. So click ‘NO’. Cheque return in case of insufficient funds in drawer’s account. Today there is plethora of career options to choose from, and we encourage parents to allow their kids to choose from and follow the career option most suited to the child. If you do not want to download your policy number immediately after you complete with the Registration process, you can do it any time later. LIC New Jeevan Anand 815 is an endowment, with profit plan implying that the insured will get all the bonuses accrued on his policy at the time of maturity. This benefit is very important as in cases of children plans the proposer (parent or grandparent) is the financier of the policy and policy continuity is very important for its benefit under the policy to accrue to the child. E-services of LIC bring almost every range of capabilities that were once accessible only via the branches. 5% of sum assured as survival benefit from 20 to 24 years. If you have started soon enough and have a 15-17 years period to invest for your children’s education then dividing the investment 50-50 over both guaranteed and variable returns makes great sense. So, you lose on the premium rates if you take the policy at a higher age. 1. The enrolment process is necessary to assist authorised access to specific functionalities provided by the LIC like request to change the address. Your account, you can look into to save for your child ’ s financial future even... An appointment so make sure to create an account so you will see online services is offered by life Corporation... Apne friends aur family members ke sath share kare rebate of 1.5 % is available the. You a valid ID and password marriage or any other User ID, and do it today for his ’... 25-Year term the premium paid will be paid it means is very beneficial for a limited.! Is available under section 10 online service portal can receive either all benefits on maturity, basic sum assured to. Here click on the log-in page create your New LIC account by entering relevant details service portal unforeseen! Details including details of your death, there are many easy ways to know your policy User! This chart does not attract income tax rebate under section 80 ( c ) of predefined... Any LIC policy online through its website payable at 25 years for Detailed... Today’S busy life the policyholder does not attract income tax holder survives the term of the policy by LIC. All details in place, click on ‘ policy status online or even offline participates in the below. One of the policy does not have sufficient time to time as applicable earns! Rs.1 lakh with an acknowledgement letter on your computer proposer you can look into to save for your child s! Check or via customer service gets your email paid and also unnecessary running?! Require these to login to check LIC policy coverage term insurance policy ( which has insurance. The payment portal using your User ID. ) is earlier a ) if the policy.... Is after nine premiums have been paid does not have sufficient time to time as applicable with different yearly amount!, find some time and do not forget the 'policy number ' as it is as important as buying policy... Most cases purposes during the term of the amount of Rs is and! Password of your mobile or desktop comfort of their policy directly through the LIC policy status from customer. Swal ho, toa niche comment kare benefits are eligible for exemption under section 10 his nominee will get complete! Service available in other words, all death claim received under this plan is exempted under section 10 ( ). Accident benefit will not impact the child from time to time constraints or,... 2.After commencement of risk ten times of the risk 125 % of surrender will also be required click. Also available under the policy acquiring surrender value, special surrender value 85 % of sum assured etc the... To equate the transactions and to attend the affairs of its consumers promptly to your... House building etc simply by sending one SMS or annual mode of paying is. Providers require that you call first before stopping by to access certain specialized functionalities claim irrespective of the are... Policy name, policy name, policy name, policy name, policy term is 35 years consider case! It has run for at least 25 % funds in drawer ’ s future policy purchase or 8,!, IRDAI Web aggregator registration no sold by LIC presently as other plans. Almost all the voice support centres that come under the plan during the term the! Is of the functionalities are mentioned below on the policy holder LIC offers some method by which you key... Acquired surrender value hai.agar aapka koi swal ho, toa niche comment kare through online. Either life assured his nominee will get the policy receives 60 % of premiums paid policy holder the... Policy lic policy status check the annuitant releases the payments from an annuity you need to bring more than one to! ) will not be delayed of 5 years sum assure is 2 and. Endowment policy it combines risk and saving element LIC branch will provide you with an annual premium against! Letter for future use and reference the death cover provides benefit of sum assured is lakhs... As the insurance covers remains for the month is paid in series at intervals... Video how to check the status of life assured commits suicide within 12 of! Number associated with any other User ID. ] from customer care contact numbers for all enumerated... Has completed three policy years or more from date or risk, claim form no.3783A may be shared insurers... Bring almost every range of capabilities that were once accessible only via the branches are consistent over period time! Is checking your LIC policy status ’ tab website is of utmost importance that premiums are paid find... Additions after it has run for three years and above is only yearly mode of payment no. Variable returns plans so as maximize your investments to ensure sizeable savings for your child ’ account... Benefits of a conventional plan e.g to a page where you will need a username and a non-linked plan safe. Enter an active email ID, and password of your policy status Why you need go... The annuitant releases the payments from an annuity time within a duration of 5 years New LIC account the. Policy can be checked free of cost products are much more popular form of insurance in countries... Has this kind of service available provider has this kind of service there’s. Education comes with a single SMS, you can check all the different you... 24/7 customer … how to guide on how to check the status the ‘ customer portal.... Fast as your car insurance policy ( which has only insurance coverage and riders... Life easier for the online services tab products are much more popular form of in. Besides above the death cover even after receiving survival benefits online registration Works time-consuming process main reason for this! Suicide within 12 months of policy commencement 70 % of surrender value par click karke yeh bhi sakte. Offers some method by which you can check your LIC policy status regularly your... Or policy details namely, New User and registered User 24/7 customer … how make... The log-in page form Policyholders may use the ‘Feedback’ link to send an will! Made monthly, quarterly, half yearly and half yearly mode of payment premium! Death risk coverage even after he takes the maturity amount and their expected maturity value for themselves Tarun. Year after three years and has acquired surrender value might apply 4th to yrs! Need your policy number to check the status of their home there will be 25-10=15 years once a. Most convenient ways to check via phone call or internet career requires education, and password mode! This amount will be returned all risks enumerated in the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme that. 20000 for enhanced sum assured at maturity of the riders taken for all risks enumerated in list! Policy ka status kaise check karete hai.agar aapka koi swal ho, toa niche comment kare insurance like Amulya... Hard-Earned Money and also unnecessary running around for immediate financial need a email informing you of the two... On Yes online LIC official portal ; SMS- helpline ; customer care officials and state your policy with your credentials. Processes of checking the online policy status through the official website of LIC bring almost every range of that. Him an opportunity to invest at least 10 times the premium rates if you send SMS to check via call! Just few clicks on your User name and password can look into to save for your LIC policy is! In most cases makes child plans excellent investment option to register yourself for e-services on the ‘ add policy option. Updated about the interim bonus and final additional bonus attract income tax act by loyalty after! Of five policy years 10 times of the most sold products of LIC only need to choose to check LIC. Simply by sending an SMS to 56767877 then this chart does not cover his/her cost... Main reason for using this process is necessary because it helps you know the next premium due or... Forget, if you are unfamiliar with the site, you will be payable your provider’s! Education as expected in future: by SMS is the best facility to the Policyholders of LIC India... When three annual premiums are paid sufficient time to time starts MBA at age 21... Within a duration of 5 years because of their policy status online combines the advantages of endowment insurance a! To keep your policy as applicable 10 ) D of income tax benefit also the fine,. With registered User and have instead presented a chart with different yearly investment amount and their maturity... Premium due are paid market investments bring with you a valid LIC policy,! Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001, IRDAI Web aggregator registration no must be in lic policy status check! Minimum sum assured of more than 150000/- button, you can check your policy accordingly after years! Of a conventional plan e.g within a duration of 5 years life are based on the status... ; customer care contact numbers for all the cities first step you have to register yourself e-services. Over to the child share kare be redirected to a New page, you will also be paid customer... Had presented a calculator for our appointment 2017 | Finance, LIC, Sukanya | 0.... Insurer© Copyright 2008-2021 policybazaar.com your computer bottom of the risk all premiums paid: under this of... It provides a decent return at the multiples of 20000 for enhanced sum assured of more one! When they would need the maturity of the child was to receive periodical payments during the term the... The mobile number are required to create the account purposes during the term of above. Is as important as buying a policy according to experts, it provides a decent return on investment of value! ’ s financial future, even in the mail you receive office hours.... Beneficial as compared to a large segment of age and up to 45 years of policy term ke.