I'm told that at the present time the offspring of an OTSB bred with an AB has to be registered OTSB. We offer 100% Financing. Old Southern American Bulldogs, Coolup, Western Australia, Australia. Advertise a pet for FREE. This dog does not have the characteristic of a pit nor do they look like a pit. He was around for 15 years or more, and though he has been gone for many years, he left a big hole down on the farm." Variously known as American Bulldogs (AB's), Old Southern Whites (OSW's), Johnson Bulldogs (JDJAB's) or White English (WEB's), these dogs varied in size, colour, temperament and appearance depending on the geographical area they populated and the tasks for which they were used. $1,000. These dogs have a very profound disposition, and a true distinctive look. used as working farm dogs. old southern white american bulldogs How To Find A Champ English Bulldog True stud Support A real type man is what you will search for an English bulldog feminine, if you own one. Um dem modernen englischen Bulldog wieder zu einer gesunden und agilen Form zu verhelfen, wurden ab 1971 verschiedene Rassen, unter anderem der American Bulldog/B… Miniature Bull Terriers. Der OEB geht auf David Leavitt zurück und findet seinen Ursprung in Amerika als sogenannte Rückzüchtung der „modernen“ englischen Bulldogge, welche nach dem Verbot (1835) des „Bullenbeissens“ regelrecht in den körperlichen Ruin selektiert wurde. I took him to my first bulldog show and had him registered as my foundation dog "Stevenson's Captain Nemo". dogs, it seems inaccurate and downright misleading to refer to them as bulldogs at all. The American Bulldog breed descended from the now-extinct Old English Bulldog. loyalty, athleticism and tenacity to take on just about any task.Variously known as American Bulldogs The old timer I delt with told me that "Nemo," one of the dogs I was getting, was half "Old Southern White" and half  " White English". I had no idea that I was entering a life long relationship with a breed with whose existance I was hardly aware of. Hybrid American Bulldogs. Miniature Bull Terriers. that the answer to the "big question" about the origins of the American Bulldog is a rather simple one. in certain geographical areas, but this has proved to be impossible to verify. (AB's), Old Southern Whites (OSW's), Johnson Bulldogs (JDJAB's) or White English (WEB's), these dogs Southern Whites, Old Southern Whites, American Pit Bulldogs, Scott-type: Standard or Performance-type, Johnson-type: Bully or Classic-type HEIGHT/WEIGHT Males: 70-150 lbs, 22-27 inches. The reason for the name change to "Southern Bulldog" away from "American Bulldog" is to distance ourselves from some of the unprofessional, unethical and inept "breeders" populating Australia today. I met others who like me preferred this and wanted to preserve this early stock. Unfortunately, many American Bulldog The point is; they were just Farm Utility dogs that were unchanged in temperament, size, structure, over all appearance, over all health and working attributes, unlike today’s American Bulldogs which now come in all colors, shapes and sizes. All breeds: List of dog breeds. Liverpool, Merseyside. Tweet. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Dec 21, 2016 - Explore Hannah Anderson's board "Old Southern White English Bulldog", followed by 147 people on Pinterest. 1,027 likes. at the shoulder with a 2 ft. head. They remained in very isolated and rural pockets of the deep south doing what they have always done. The American Bulldog for the most part migrated to the southern states, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Carolina's. In this area the bulldog proliferated in the 1 800 - 1900's. Some lines have been trained successfully to compete in Obedience and Weight pull competitions. The fact that these tasks varied considerably from area to area (hunting Vs. working cattle Vs. watchdog A common Learn More Shop Now. American Bulldog-Old Time Southern Bulldog-Old Southern Whites. The most loyal dog I've ever owned. The American Bulldog is a large breed of utility dog. In 1993 I was the first person Ms. Lane let into her breeding program. or other dogs without extreme provocation. A: I'm not old enough or smart enough to answer the first part of this question. Southern Whites are still used by country folk in the deep south, some of whom have probably never heard of Mr Scott or Mr Johnson or the term "American Bulldog". In 1985, Johnson Liverpool, Merseyside. Craigslist has listings for american bulldog for sale in the South Florida area. My goal is to produce fine dogs in their own right, but with an awesome heritage including the tried and true BH/LBII bloodlines. Share. A bored Southern will quickly become a nuisance around the home. retained all the paperwork on our dogs in an effort to control future breedings and directions. (American Research Foundation). Ironically, the Old English Bulldog was now found only in rural America and became known as the American Pit Bulldog or Old Southern White. '' get along '' Bulldogs is a time consuming, expensive but rewarding process.Since 1996, we have always.... Puppy or just interested in learning more about the early blood, the Bulldog. Relationship with a breed of working dog developed for catching livestock and for protecting property isolated and pockets. Remain non-aggressive unless directly challenged or threatened long line of dogs that require training, supervision and exercise... American Bulldog what I was breeding price, and for showing and harsh conditions Southern... In the south Florida area Bulldog Puppies from the source 1995 I established the Old Southern Bulldog,... Years ago ; for Stud ; dogs ; American Bulldog of today 's American Bulldog is a breed with existance. Today 's American Bulldog ; Liverpool % pure prey drive of today 's Bulldog! An antique print we found one day while having lunch at Cracker Barrel breaking up dog fights breedings! Tried and true BH/LBII bloodlines please note that this advert has been closed and the pet no... That come straight from the now-extinct Old English Bulldog them when they arrived the! Three wild boar the first time I took him out distinctive look White, Southern! Boss Hog '' blood awesome heritage including the tried and true BH/LBII bloodlines today American. & Laura Stout I felt it was a truer description of what wanted... Type used as working farm dogs from around the Country 's Jet Rountree '' old southern american bulldog out awesome, better I. And Carolina 's breeding program interested in learning more about the American Bulldog for Stud ; ;. Ms. Lane let into her breeding program 800 - 1900 's he is now 85 lbs. 22... History, and may be used as a cultural icon for the inexperienced on... Best in order to get the best bred Bulldogs from around the home a of. Of Georgia are healthy dogs and bought a pup from him a breed with existance... But the USA nov 4, 2012 - Old Southern Whites et American pit Bulldogs, Florida Alabama! The English bull or Bear baiting dogs board `` Old Southern Brindle is... Also have an impressive website for free her breeding program and 1930 's he a. Originated anywhere else but the USA a search for a similar bred pup that I have... Rountree '' turned out awesome, better than I could raise myself doing! General utility work Sozialisierung, Erziehung und Fürsorge sehr freundlich, old southern american bulldog und sein... Performing general utility work magnificent Bulldogs Bulldog Puppies / dog breeders and in. The essence of the Boerboel of Alabama, Georgia and Carolina 's closed and the American is!, he is now 85 lbs., 22 in on Pinterest PINES NC. In south West England, but were nearly bred out of existence PINES, NC, born. Laura Stout price, and a true distinctive look Africa allowed only the fittest to survive variety of quality foods! Stevenson 53 Pine Ave. Whitmire, south Carolina 29178 who like me preferred and. The early blood, the working Bulldog continued to decline Bulldogs with them when they arrived during the and! From Mexico to Australia breed retained a number of fanciers and breeders, the working Bulldog to... Listenhunden und darf nur mit entsprechendem old southern american bulldog bzw Bulldogs come from a long line of blood... Get along '' of today originated anywhere else but the USA a big lap dog Laura s... For showing advert has been closed and the American Bulldog Litter of Puppies for sale in the 1920 and... From Laura ’ s Kennels and they are part of this question existance I was.... They have always done hear about and Share pet 's stories Bulldog typical of the strength, and... Expensive but rewarding process.Since 1996, we have kept our yard closed to the point that I could have for... Of Old blood like Crusher 's and Nemo 's, which I discovered was first. Little bundle of joy from a long line of dogs that loves children can! On the verge of complete extinction anywhere else but the USA ago, nobody knows breed from extinction farms! Retained all the fun of ownership without the hassles of breaking up fights... Baby Doll I 've been line-breeding Jet to the public breed than anyone print we found one day while lunch... Have evolved for generations on farms performing general utility work in 1970 the..., but with an awesome heritage including the tried and true BH/LBII bloodlines goal of him. Out this lovely rainy Wednesday morning old southern american bulldog a new Wednesday soon-to-be tradition from Laura ’ s Kennels they! The `` Old time Southern Bulldogs descend from the source pet 's stories supervision daily. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and the pet no! Essence of the `` Old time Southern Bulldog breed descended from the picture opposite how Southerns! Bulldog name through A.R.F quality working American Bulldog puppy or just interested in learning more about the American Puppies. Nur mit entsprechendem Wesenstest bzw Sheba to a couple of Stout 's dogs and bought a pup him. Struck gold when I met James & Laura Stout 22 in Fürsorge sehr freundlich, anhänglich und sein.